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Behind the scenes: The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

By James Komack, Producer that ABC-TV’s “The Courtship the Eddie’s Father”

“The Courtship that Eddie’s Father” is a family comedy collection — and also more. It’s a story that love, complete love. The prize — a small boy’s hand in the hand of his father. What more beautiful expression that warmth and trust than a child offering his hand.

There is likewise the honesty and also reality of “now” in “Eddie’s Father” — today’s life, today’s problems, today’s mistakes. The comedy is obtained from reality. No jokes, no contrivances.

The story evolve indigenous the title word “Courtship.” small Eddie is a matchmaker. He desires his dad to it is in happy, and happiness, that believes, is v a wife. Eddie’s dad is susceptible since he wants Eddie to have actually the love of a mother.

For the viewers, it will certainly be virtually like eavesdropping ~ above the principals — newspaper editor Tom Corbett, Eddie’s father, play by invoice Bixby; Mrs. Livingston, the housekeeper, with Miyoshi Umeki in the role; and also 6-year-old Eddie, played by Brandon Cruz. Kristina Holland shows up as Tom’s secretary, and I beat Norman Tinker, a newspaper photographer.

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I’ve advised them, “Do what’s organic for you in any kind of situation, and say what’s natural.”

For instance, in one situation, Miyoshi asked come be created out that a scene. Why? She said a Japanese lady wouldn’t be current during this certain conversation in between a father and son. Really? girlfriend bet!

To maintain this naturalness, we won’t have guest stars. By that, I mean guest stars that are fully identifiable together entertainment personalities. We have actually Bill Dana play a policeman — not Jose Jiminez — in one episode. It would be abrasive to tailor a story extraterrestrial to the key theme to fit a guest’s stage identity.

About the actors Bill (Bixby) has starred top top stage, in motion pictures and television. He play a lead role on television in “My favourite Martian,” and also has done added TV roles, comedy and also dramatic.

Miyoshi — she is therefore marvelous. She has won one Oscar and a TV Emmy, and also received a Tony nomination for her Broadway phase work. What an ext can be said about her as an actress?

Here’s what a columnist (Rick DuBrow, UPI) wrote: “When she talks… the is together though music were tinkling on some delicate, exotic instrument. One thinks of a chandelier being touched and rustled by a soft breeze.

“When she theatre comedy, the is in the slyest way, offering her lines inflections that no writer might imagine. Like the ideal of actresses, her comedy is frequently not much from tragedy, or at least tears.”

That states it all.

As for Brandon, he’s a herbal boy. It’s all discovery for him; he’s never ever done anything skilled before. He’s growing up on this stages. Yet, surrounding by every that’s Hollywood, he manages to be himself. We have actually a boy playing a kid.

Kristina is a trained actress, dancer and also singer that loves come talk. That’s what she go in “Eddie’s Father.”

With the best people and the appropriate story, what much more could we want? Music?

We have actually Harry Nilsson, who has two albums out, to score this series. Nilsson brought in a concept, a use of music, that’s never ever been tried before on tv until “Eddie’s Father.”

Music isn’t simply a bridge as composed by Nilsson. The editorializes v it, in the manner of an offstage voice. And sometimes his music sings the wordless activity on the screen.

Courtship of Eddie’s Father opened theme

Lyrics because that “Best Friend” by bother Nilsson

People permit me tell you ’bout my ideal friend,He’s a warm-hearted human who’ll love me ’til the end.People allow me tell you bout my best friend,He’s a one young cuddly toy — mine up, mine down, mine pride and also joy.

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People allow me tell you ’bout him — he’s so much fun,Whether we’re talkin’ male to male or whether we’re talking boy to son.‘Cause he’s my finest friend.Yes, he’s my finest friend…

The Courtship the Eddie’s dad (video clip)

A school bully named Joey is make life miserable because that Eddie — and Joey is a girl, play by a very young Jodie Foster.