When Xbox 360 to be released, it had only a 4GB difficult disk journey (HDD) and supported exterior storage the doesn’t exceed 32GB. By today’s standards, that’s nothing. Because that example, the newest AAA gamings can require up to 50GB the space, and that’s not consisting of updates and also DLCs. Thus the need for Xbox 360 difficult drives.

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Xbox 360 difficult Drive Sizes

Of course, later on Xbox 360 released various other storage alternatives at the end letting girlfriend to pick from – 4GB; 20GB; 60GB; 120GB; 250GB; 320GB and also from 2015 – Xbox 360 500GB. We have to say 500GB is reasonable, yet still, its hard drive filling up quite quick if you’re serious around gaming.

However, over there is a solution, no matter what volume Xbox 360 hard drive you at this time own, girlfriend can constantly upgrade it. If you have chosen to carry out so there are two options: acquiring an original Xbox 360 tough drive upgrade or a 2.5-inch laptop internal difficult drive. The very first option is the easiest. You just buy the wanted capacity difficult drive (in Xbox 360 details casing) and replace it through the old one, and also it works!

The second option for an Xbox 360 tough drive is a small bit more tricky. Girlfriend can’t simply insert a laptop HDD right into your Xbox 360 and expect it to work. Some various other things have to be excellent before. The easiest means to upgrade her storage volume is by adding Xbox 360 an external hard drive, examine out our optimal 6 ideal Xbox 360 exterior Hard cd driver article. Notice, that now Xbox 360 allows you to add an exterior HDD v a volume of up to 2TB.

In this article, we have produced a list of the finest Xbox 360 compatible difficult drives you can get whether you desire to update Xbox 360 slim hard drive or simply a continual Xbox 360 tough drive. And also whether HDD is made specifically for Xbox 360 or 2.5-inch laptop HDD.


Hard cd driver Made exactly for Xbox 360

If friend don’t desire to problem too much about replacing her Xbox 360 tough drive climate the easiest method is obtaining the one that’s made specifically for Xbox 360, it will come in Xbox plastic casing and won’t require any details formatting. However, if you select HDD that’s made specifically for xbox360, the storage capacity is very limited. You deserve to upgrade her Xbox 360 hard drive come 320GB and also Xbox 360 slim difficult drive come 500GB. Yet the best point is – these difficult drives are cheap, and they are really easy come replace.

Xbox 360 500GB Media difficult Drive because that Xbox E and also S

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This is the biggest capacity tough drive for the Xbox 360 you can get. This difficult drive is completely compatible with the Xbox 360 E and also Xbox 360 S consoles. Just plug that in and also you’re all set to go, through 500GB of memory typical user will be simply fine. It’s also an original product that Microsoft so you shouldn’t have any problems.

320GB HDD Compatible with Xbox 360 Slim

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Another excellent choice for Xbox 360 tough drive upgrade. This drive has 320GB storage capacity, and it’s make by Dragonpad – a 3rd-party manufacturer. It’s still completely compatible and will work simply fine with Xbox 360 Slim.

Nextec Xbox 360 Fat (320 GB) hard Disk journey HDD because that Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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This external drive is designed especially for the original Xbox fat consoles. Friend should also note that this drive isn’t compatible with the Slim Xbox version. The complete capacity below is 320 GB, which must be sufficient for any kind of Xbox user.

The 1-year replacement warranty guarantees us satisfaction through transferring the video game profiles. Your Xbox 360 original must recognize the without much hassle.

How to include or eliminate an Xbox 360 Compatible by factory Hard Drive

Xbox 360 S

The very first thing you need to do is to turn off the console and also position the horizontally. Top top the ideal side that the console, friend will uncover a difficult drive cover. Open up this covering as presented in photo 1. Traction the tough drive out and also swap it v the brand-new one – press it in firmly till you hear the click(see picture 2).

Xbox 360 E

The an initial thing you need to do is to rotate off the console and also position it horizontally. ~ above the right side that the console, girlfriend will uncover a hard drive cover. Open this covering as shown in photo 1. Traction the tough drive out and also swap it through the brand-new one – press it in firmly till you hear it click(see picture 2).

Original Xbox 360 console

The very first thing you need to do is to rotate off the console and also locate hard drive (1.). Then press the release switch on the hard drive and also lift the hard drive away from the console.

2.5-inch Laptop difficult Drives for Xbox 360

You can likewise go another means and select to upgrade your Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 slim difficult drive v a laptop 2.5 inch HDD. Now you can pick your HDD manufacturer and specs girlfriend want. However, this isn’t so basic as it requires special formatting and also it may not be so simple to find a compatible tough drive. And if you want your brand-new hard drive to sit fine in that is place, you additionally have to gain a plastic enclosure.

This is the hardest means to upgrade her Xbox 360 difficult drive, but if girlfriend really need that extra performance and options, friend should consider this.

WD black 500GB Performance

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If power is what girlfriend seek, then walk for WD black 500GB. Together black color stands for the ideal performing hard drives(check the end our article – west Digital HDD colour Explained). This difficult drive is new-generation, and also therefore girlfriend will have the ability to use it because that a different purpose even if your Xbox 360 breaks down. One of the faster HDDs friend can gain for your console, if no the fastest.

Seagate Laptop thin 500 GB

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Seagate has constantly made good hard drives, and also Seagate Laptop thin 500 GB is no exception. There is no factor why girlfriend shouldn’t acquire this difficult drive – it’s rapid enough and is rather cheap. The journey is donate up with a 2-year warranty, together are most Seagate products.

Seagate 500GB Barracuda Sata

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Though Seagate 500GB Barracuda is a quite new hard journey it’s already very popular, especially among gamers. It’s a member the the brand-new Seagate Guardian series. It’s really power efficient, fast, and dependable. In various other words – this hard disk journey is way much better than your initial Xbox 360 hard drive in everything.

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How to style a 2.5-Inch tough Drive


In the end, the all relies whether you desire a quick hard decaying upgrade that doesn’t call for a many doing – simply basically swapping Xbox 360 difficult drive or you desire to invest that extra time to format and choose the tough drive you really want. All of these tough drive upgrades are rather cheap, and if you have a storage capacity listed below 250GB, you definitely should upgrade her Xbox 360 hard drive.