Let's say ns havethe number 905.074. So how can I broaden this out? and what does thisactually represent? so let's just think abouteach of the ar values here. The 9 best over here, thisis in the hundreds place. This literallyrepresents ripe hundreds. Therefore we might rewritethat 9 as nine hundreds. Permit me create it 2 ways. We can write itas 900, which is the same thing together 9 times 100. Now, there's a 0. That's simply going torepresent zero tens. However zero 10s is still simply 0. So we don't have actually toreally worry around that. It's not including any value toour expression or to our number. Now we have actually this 5. This 5 is in the persons place. That literallyrepresents 5 ones, or you might justsay it to represent 5. Now, if we wanted towrite the as 5 ones, we could say well, that'sgoing to be 5 times 1. For this reason far, we've represented905, 900 plus 5 or 9 time 100 plus 5 time 1. And also you could sayhey, how do I recognize whether ns shouldmultiply or add first? have to I do this additionbefore I do this multiplication? and I'll always remindyou, stimulate of operations. In this scenario, girlfriend woulddo your multiplication before you carry out your addition. So you would certainly multiply her 5times 1 and also your 9 time 100 before adding thesetwo points together. However let's move on. You have an additional 0. This 0 is in the tenths place. This is informing us the numberof one per 10 we're going come have. This is zero tenths, soit's really not adding much, or it's not adding anything. Currently we walk to thehundredths place. So this literallyrepresents 7 hundredths. So we could write this as7/100, or 7 time 1/100. And also then finally, us goto the thousandths place. So us go to thethousandths place. And we have 4 thousandths. So that literally represents 4over 1,000, or 4 time 1/1000. An alert this is comingfrom the hundreds place. You have actually zero tens, however I'llwrite the tens ar there simply so you watch it. Therefore it's zero tens, so i didn'teven bother to write that down. Then you have actually your people place. Friend have 5 ones. Then you have zero tenths. So ns didn't create that down. Then you have sevenhundredths and then you have 4 thousandths. And we space done. We've composed this out,really simply understanding what this number represents.

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