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George Peterson III Passes away at period 37

“Da Bull” to be going to compete in the Olympia 212 Showdown in Orlando.

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Healthy Eating

28-Days-to-Lean enjoy the meal Plan

With the appropriate plan and also the right discipline, girlfriend can acquire seriously shredded in simply 28 days.

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Workout Routines

These room the 5 Upper ago Moves to aid You do "Big 3" Gains

When it involves bench press, squats, and also deadlifts, you have to watch your back.

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14-Year-Old Powerlifter Keeps break Records

Jake Schellenschlager proceeds to admire the powerlifting world with incredible display screens of strength.


Jake Schellenschlager an initial caught the fist of the media approximately the civilization in 2013 v a deadlift record of 300 pounds (more than double his body load at the period of 13), a feat the earned the the nickname The Wonder Kid. Along with Muscle and Fitness, he has been featured in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and a variety of news shows approximately the world.

The powerlifting sensation recently broke much more records v his impressive feats of strength. The took first place in ~ the USPA national Championships this past July in las Vegas. The total of every 3 lifts to be 808 lbs, which to be a brand-new American record. He finished with a 340lb deadlift, 215lb bench, and also 253lb squat.

Jake is right now a member of people Gym glenn Burnie in Maryland wherein he first caught the practice “bug” v his dad. He currently trains under the accuse of Mike Sarni, a veteran trainer in ~ his gym.

At critical year’s 2013 IPA stamin Spectacular, Jake broke four civilization records for his age division, and recently won an initial place at the 2014 USPA Eastern regional Powerlifting open where the also collection four brand-new U.S. Records for his age and also weight class.

Not only has Jake excelled in powerlifting, but he is making his mark on the bodybuilding civilization as well. In may 2014, Jake took first place in his class at the Musclemania Championships in Maryland. Jake’s next competition is the international Powerlifting Association’s civilization Championships this November. Among his short-term goals is to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Check out among his document breaking elevator on the next page, and also a Q&A through the man himself.

M&F: What motivated you to start lifting?

JS: Every day, I would watch my dad job-related out in the basement. Eventually I got worn down of watching, and also decided I wanted to be the world’s strongest kid— and the only way I would have the ability to do the was to start now. ~ a week, I began to see my abs and arms develop. I also cleaned up my diet and soon came to be stronger with bigger muscles. 

You’ve completed some amazing tasks as a powerlifter. To what perform you attribute your success?

I believe I have been successful thanks to mine family’s constant support. I likewise attribute my success to mine dad, and my trainer Mike Sarni, who acquire me fully prepared for all competitions.

What’s your common diet each day? 

I eat bananas in the morning prior to school. I try come be healthy all day, but school doesn’t have actually the healthiest enjoy the meal choices. Once I gain home, ns eat chicken breasts, salmon, and other fish because that dinner. When I obtain home indigenous the gym, ns drink a protein shake. 

What’s your next goal in this sport? 

I would choose to it is in squatting 405 lbs by mine 16th birthday, and to proceed breaking civilization records.

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What advice do you for someone who wants to take up the sport of powerlifitng?

I would certainly say make sure your form is good because there is no good type it can reason serious injuries. 

Who are some pro powerlifters girlfriend look increase to?

Ronnie Coleman to be a bodybuilder, however he trained as a powerlifter so I really look up to him. Also, since I’m into bodybuilding and powerlifting, ns look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Come me Arnold was the best of every time.