I’m farming impatient for The Witch that Blackbird Pond to it is in made into a movie. After waiting close to a decade for a movie to happen, I’m resigned. Perhaps it will never ever happen. Perhaps Puritans are simply not appealing to Hollywood. Maybe movies about witch trials and colonial residential life doesn’t equal box-office success. Everything the reason, I’m ailing of waiting. I’m spreading my own damn movie!

The adhering to are my very rough spreading ideas. I deserve to only think the actors because that a couple of characters and I’ve yet to consider actors/actresses for Mercy Wood, Hannah Tupper, john Holbrook, wilhelm Ashbey, Aunt Rachel, etc…

So Witch of Blackbird Pond readers, this is your opportunity to comment and let me know what you think. If you’ve to be harboring the ideal Kit Tyler or the ideal Nat Eaton inside, please provide me your two cents. Once I’ve gathered enough reader input, I’ll composite a arsenal of actor/actress photos for voting.

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Actress: Felicity Jones character description: over there isn’t lot physical description of Kit Tyler. Speare clues that she is thin through dark brown hair. Kit’s beauty beauty is ambiguous: some characters think she is attractive, but other characters say she’s isn’t exactly pretty. Therefore I’ve involved the conclusion that she’s pretty but not beautiful, yet I imagine her as beautiful anyways.


Commentary: after ~ watching Northanger Abbey (2007), I uncovered Felicity Jones ridiculously beautiful—breathtaking even. However, she’s gained the fresh-faced, trustworthy high quality of a young heroine. Ns felt really comfortable looking in ~ the civilization through she eyes.

Actor: Gaspard Ulliel character description: “She had noticed him often, his slim wiry number swinging quickly hand end hand increase the rigging, his sandy, sun-bleached head bent end a coil that rope” (1).


Commentary: Gaspard Ulliel got passed up for the function of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie. Walk that mean he’s up for grabs in the WOBP movie? Okay, so he doesn’t have actually sandy blonde hair, but that deserve to be easily remedied. Gaspard has the prerequisite “thin wiry figure” and also I can see the swinging top top the rigging. In the book, there is never any kind of mention of Nat Eaton’s age, just references to his youth: “that cocky young seaman!” If Kit Tyler is 16, i assume Nat Eaton is 19 in ~ the most. Remember, lock don’t live the long earlier then.

Actor: Liam Neeson character description: “From his location at the head, a guy unfolded his tall angular body and also came toward her. She might not check out the faintest sign of welcome top top his slim stern lips or the dark eyes that glowered fiercely at she from under the heavy grizzled eyebrows” (32).


Commentary: Liam Neeson is the just actor I can think of that fits that physical description. Choose Uncle Matthew, he have the right to be fierce, commanding, and also noble at the same time.

Actress: Alexis Bledel personality description: “Judith’s confront fulfilled every exquisite detail the photo she hand treasured of she imagined aunt. The clear white skin, the blue eye under a dark fringe of lashes, the black hair the curled against her shoulders, and also the haughty elevator of she perfect tiny chin—this girl could have been the toast the a regiment!” (32).

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Commentary: Isn’t Alexis Bledel recognized for she piercing blue eyes? and yes, she go look favor the toast the a regiment.