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The writer doesn"t tell us what the real finishing of the story is. It is feasible that when Lowry wrote The Giver, she had actually a sequel in mind. Leave the ending of this publication ambiguous would certainly encourage readers to purchase the sequel. You deserve to read Gathering Blue and Messenger,  ...

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The writer doesn"t tell us what the real ending of the story is. It is feasible that when Lowry wrote The Giver, she had a sequel in mind. Leaving the finishing of this publication ambiguous would certainly encourage readers to purchase the sequel. You have the right to read Gathering Blue and Messenger, which were written as companion books to The Giver and also will give you more information.

Going on just what the book says, there are two conclusions you could reach.

First, Jonas and Gabriel die. The book makes that clear the they are progressively freezing to death. They space weak, hungry and tired. The book also says that Jonas provides his last small bit of toughness to find the sled waiting for him at the peak of the hill. They sled under the hill come "Elsewhere", possibly an afterlife of some type that adheres to death. This could be why Jonas heard music together he gradually slipped down the hill. In addition, the Giver was transmitting memories to Jonas before he died, offering the idea that if the Giver died prior to they were transmitted, they would be shed forever or else freed and allowed to go into the psychic of the people. Jonas, now, gift the brand-new keeper the the memories, would certainly release those memories as soon as he died. This could be why he likewise heard singing behind the - together he slipped away, his friends and family obtained the memories he had actually carried and were freed from the austere presence they had experienced.

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Second, Jonas and also Gabriel uncover "Elsewhere", an unexplained real and literal place. This is supported by the fact that over there is a sled wait for them, apparently inserted there by human being who space hoping that will discover it and use it. The would only stand to reason that if they inserted it there for Jonas, they would be waiting for him at the bottom the the hill. This is confirmed near the end of the chapter when it says that the knew castle were wait for him and also the baby. The book additionally supports this idea due to the fact that he heard music and also saw lights and warmth coming from Elsewhere, indicating the there is life and also emotion there. Over there is likewise the opportunity that his leaving freed the citizens of his home town and allowed them to have actually memory, i m sorry is why he heard them singing behind him.

I would suggest that the writer wanted girlfriend to concerned your very own conclusions, for this reason she intentionally left it very ambiguous. Analysis the two companion publications mentioned over would assist if you simply can"t was standing ambiguous endings (like me!).