Once friend buy stamps from the article Office, typically all sales space final. So, you can’t sell stamps back to the write-up Office, but you do have actually some options. Instead, you can sell her stamps to a Postage Buying service for a cash payment. Proceed reading to find out more.

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Selling her stamps come a postage buying service

Just because you can’t sell your stamps back to the article Office, doesn’t mean you can’t obtain a cash refund for your postage. Luckily, there are services who buy unused postage stamps native the basic public.

These solutions will buy your unused stamps in any type of condition, as lengthy as they room still in an excellent enough form to send mail with. The amount of cash you’ll receive is dependency on the condition and face worth of the postage.

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Click right here to learn how to market your unused stamps to a Postage purchase Service

What alternatives does the article Office provide?

The post Office only permits customers to exchange your stamps if they were purchased in the past 30 days. Lock will replace the stamps with ones that the very same value. This may be a equipment if you’re to plan to use the stamps, but they room too damaged to use for mailing.

They will also permit you to return her stamps to be exchanged for various other denominations, totaling your acquisition receipt. This might be advantageous if friend purchased stamps in the not correct denomination.

Let’s speak you purchased First-Class rate Forever Stamps ($0.58 value, 2021). However, you’ve chose that you space going come send packages instead of envelopes. Instead of sticking dozens of stamps on each box, you have the right to exchange the First-Class Forever Stamps for ones of a greater denomination (ie. $7.95 stamps because that a little Flat-Rate Box, 2021).