It’s the age-old question. Execute I go Blu-Ray or carry out I go DVD? While new technologies traditionally supplant old ones reasonably quickly, Blu-Ray discs and also DVDs it seems ~ to have been sitting side-by-side in the sector together for some time. So, those the difference in between Blu-Ray video and HD DVD videos? What room the pros and cons the each, and is one better than the other?

Fortunately, top top this issue, there is actually no debate. It might surprise part DVD fans to find out that Blu-Ray is unequivocally much better on pretty lot every level. Let’s rest it down.

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Storage Capacity

Blu-Ray discs have an ext storage capacity — a lot more. A typical DVD hold 4.7 gigabytes the data. This is sufficient to hold one movie. If the movie is much longer than two hours, you require two DVDs or a double-layer DVD that have the right to store roughly 9GB. On the other hand, a double-layer Blu-ray disc can hold a enormous 50 GB that data.

Image Resolution

Image resolution just way how your snapshot looks when you are viewing the disc, which is typically all human being really care about. Once looking in ~ the DVD vs. Blu ray resolution, Blu-Ray conveniently wins this battle, too. A DVD is a standard meaning device. Friend won’t gain high-definition movie viewing on her DVD, just 480 SD. On the various other hand, Blu-Ray is produced HD, and you’ll acquire the best snapshot possible, with 1080 HD capability for her Blu-Ray movies. So if friend are in search of a quality picture, Blue ray is the clean winner.

Laser Technology

Both DVD and Blu-Ray players use lasers to read the discs. The distinction is the the DVD laser is a red laser that functions at a 650nm wavelength. The Blu-Ray laser is — friend guessed that — blue and also works on much shorter 405nm wavelengths, definition they can read information much more closely and also precisely.

Disc Construction

DVDs and also Blu-ray discs look the very same to the naked eye, yet the Blu-Ray’s grooves are much closer together and also thinner since the blue laser deserve to read an ext precise data. This is what allows the Blu-Ray bowl to keep so much much more information. Blu-ray discs space also an ext scratch-resistant 보다 DVDs.

The instance for DVDs

So, is the time to throw out all your DVDs and replace them? perhaps not rather yet. If you room wondering can a Blu-Ray player beat a DVD – the can! every Blu-Ray players deserve to read and play DVDs, so you don’t have to if girlfriend don’t want to buy the exact same movie twice. If, however, you do not have a Blu-Ray player, girlfriend won’t be able to play Blu-Rays. The DVD laser is too huge to read a Blu-Ray disc.

Secondly, DVDs are currently cheaper 보다 Blu-Rays, so if you’re not looking to invest the extra money and also don’t care that much about snapshot quality, you deserve to still purchase DVDs. You additionally may not have the ability to find the movie you want yet in a Blu-Ray format.

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