The 2020 Tampa only Buccaneers became the 11th wild-card team to make it come the at sight Bowl. Since they won, these Bucs are one of the 10 ideal of every time.

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The previous four decades have demonstrated that anything can occur in the NFL playoffs starting from the opened round. However, the larger variety of divisions and level of same in today's league has actually turned Wild card Weekend right into must-see TV. And that was particularly the case for the 2020 season as an increased playoff bracket developed "Super Wild map Weekend," which saw the postseason begin with six gamings instead that four.

When the NFL linked with the AFL in 1970, the new playoff format contained a wild card for the great teams that might not have actually won your division, yet whose record deemed them worthy for a playoff spot. There was originally just one in each conference, but that increased to 2 in 1978, climate to three in 1990 and also then back to two in 2002 as soon as each conference broadened to four divisions. In 2020, a third wild-card slot was added.

Before we delve right into the peak 10, us say goodbye come the 1985 new England Patriots, who became the very first team to win 3 road games to make the supervisor Bowl. Entering the playoffs in ~ 11-5 together the No. 5 seed, new England used a strong running game and nasty defense to make it to Super key XX. The Patriots' magical run involved a dead protect against there, together they to be annihilated by '85 Chicago Bears. Now, right here are the height 10 wild-card groups ranked by your success.

10. 1992 Buffalo Bills

After two straight Super key appearances whereby they gone into as the top seed in the AFC, the Bills took a step back in 1992. They finished 11-5 and also runner-up to the dolphins in the AFC East. However, Buffalo shocked the Houston Oilers and also the soccer world, coming earlier from a 35-3 deficit to success 41-38 in overtime in the biggest comeback in NFL history. The Bills then beat No. 1 Pittsburgh and No. 2 Miami ~ above the road to advancement to Super bowl XXVII. There, they were beaten 52-17 by the Dallas Cowboys in one of the best blowouts in Super key history.


9. 1975 Dallas Cowboys

The first wild card team to make the Super bowl beat the Minnesota Vikings on the legendary “Hail Mary” touchdown happen from i get it Staubach to drew Pearson with less than a minute come play. The following week, the Cowboys blew out the Los Angeles Rams 37-7 to development to Super key X, wherein they confronted the Steelers. Acrobatic captures by MVP Lynn Swann verified too much and also the Cowboys lost 21-17.


8. 1999 Tennessee Titans

At 13-3, the 1999 Titans had the best record of any wild map to play in a super Bowl. The only difficulty was the the Jacksonville Jaguars, their department rival, to be 14-2. In the wild card round, the Titans beat the Bills many thanks to what became known as the “Music City Miracle” (Are you beginning to watch a pattern here?). Under 16-15 through 16 seconds left, frank Wycheck took the kickoff and also lateralled it to Kevin Dyson, who went back it 75 yards because that a touchdown. The following week, the Titans beat a young Peyton Manning and also Indianapolis Colts team and also then confronted the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game. Tennessee had currently beaten Jacksonville twice in the continuous season and also pulled turn off a 3rd win to development to Super key XXXIV. In the large game, the Titans matched the St. Luigi Rams score for score, yet came up one yard quick when Mike Jones stopped Dyson from acquiring into the end zone ~ above the game’s last play in a 23-16 loss.

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7. 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers gotten in the playoffs 11-5 and also opened Wild map Weekend by beating the Cincinnati Bengals 31-17 on the road. The next week, lock shocked the top-seeded Colts 21-18 and also then beat the Denver Broncos to breakthrough to Super bowl XL to face the Seattle Seahawks. Pittsburgh won 21-10 and also head coach invoice Cowher and running back Jerome Bettis to be able come retire as Super key champions. The Steelers are additionally the first team to success a at sight Bowl together a No. 6 seed.