I"m Irish, and also hence speak Hiberno-keolistravelservices.com. Here is a picture of part sliced bread:


The topmost slice of this (that"s late on the end), is referred to as "the heel". Is this meaning for "heel" taken in british keolistravelservices.com?



Further to what others have actually said, ns (growing up in London and also York) was acquainted with heel to median that slice, however it wasn’t common — the normal term for that part was the crust. (So crust had actually a dual meaning for us — both the outside of the bread in general, and the slice at either finish that is composed mostly that crust.)


I wouldn"t use it myself, but I have actually heard the - though in a slightly various sense. I wouldn"t know "the piece of a sliced loaf the happens to be the crust" so much as "an unsliced loaf from i beg your pardon all however a couple of slices have been cut".

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Yes, it is understood in brother keolistravelservices.com too; among the definition of heel reported by the NOAD and also the OED is the following:

a crusty end of a bread of bread, or the rind of a cheese.


I"m Irish but my parents room keolistravelservices.com. I"d definitely understand heel, but in our home it"s called the dobie end. I have no idea what the beginning of that expression is.

I am Irish-American and both sets of my grandparents (raised by ireland immigrants) and my parents described the ends of a bread of bread together the humbo.

60% that the united state who are ancestors of europe immigrants use the ax "heel" for the end of a loaf of bread. It mirrors this quantity on the US language survey map. I uncovered it ~ above Google. Specifically NJ and NY have actually used this native the most.

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I call it the heel, and I"m sure I learned the word from my mum who was born in Durham England. She "came over" as a son with her parents and also 3 sisters in 1920 or thereabouts, and ended up in Pennsylvania.I think all my cousins and also nieces and nephews understand the indigenous "heel" together it relates come a loaf of bread.

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