Indiana’s state motto is The Crossroads of America. Some historians say this is due to Indianapolis being the hub of several significant interstate highways the criss-cross Indiana and connect Hoosiers come the remainder of the U.S. Others say Highways 40 and 41 opened up the West for settlement and were designated as component of the initial federal highway system in 1926. The intersection of these two highways in Terre Haute ended up being the Crossroads the America. Either way, we have been labeled together such, and also with hundreds of out-of-state chauffeurs traveling our roadways, it provides sense to assistance a user-pays method when occurring a system for improving our infrastructure.

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According come the Indiana room of Transportation, approximately 81 billion automobile miles were traveled top top Hoosier roads in 2015. Ours area the the state connects Ohio and also Kentucky to Indianapolis, so our facilities is travel on an ext heavily than roads in other parts the the state. In 2015, both commercial and local traffic logged more than 1.9 million mile in Dearborn County, almost 1.5 million in Decatur and more than 1.1 million in Ripley County. Completely Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio and Switzerland counties had over 2.3 million mile traveled on your roads.

At the very least 14 percent of all automobile miles traveled on Indiana roads are by out-of-state motorists. This can not seem prefer a high number, but if you take it into factor to consider it’s 14 percent the 81 billion mile traveled, the effect it has actually on Hoosier roads is quite significant.

Many the the roads in Southeastern Indiana room chip and also sealed, i m sorry is the application of gravel that is layered with a slim coating the asphalt. Many semi-trucks use these chip and also sealed roadways in stimulate to get to Cincinnati. These kinds of vehicles are responsible for nearly 40 percent that the damage to roadways due to the weight of the cargo being hauled throughout the state, according to INDOT. The funding plan passed through the basic Assembly this year will hopefully take it a step in moving away from chip and also sealing our roads to clearly paving Indiana’s infrastructure.

The trucking industry is a an important part of not just Indiana’s economy, yet the U.S. Economy. Virtually every market relies on trucks to deliver goods, and also without these items we would not accomplish the demands of our state’s supply and demand system, which keeps Hoosiers employed and money flowing through the economy.

That is why this year i co-authored regulation that heavily invests in our roadways over the following 20 years. The roads setup transfers the obligation of paying because that the Crossroads that America indigenous the world who live here, come the civilization who journey here. This helps take some of the burden off the hard-working Hoosiers.

The new law constitutes the biggest investment in infrastructure in Hoosier history. The will carry out immediate and substantial funding rises for state and also local roads, and also it does therefore by restoring the user payment principle and requiring every taxes payment at the pump come go exclusively to roads and also bridges. In all, the mean Hoosier driver will pay about $5 much more per month. Hoosiers will begin seeing outcomes in July, as second $357 million in state and also $260 million in neighborhood road funding end up being available. This will continue to boost year-over-year, getting to $1.2 exchange rate by 2024.

To uncover out much more about this comprehensive, responsible and sustainable setup to fund our state and local roads, click here.

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Rep. Frye (R-Greensburg) to represent Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland counties, and also portions of Decatur, Jennings, Jefferson and Dearborn counties.

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A high-resolution picture of Frye deserve to be download by click here.


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