Naruto is among the most well-known manga and also anime franchises of every time, v a sprawling story and a massive actors of personalities spanning almost 20 years. One of the many consistently popular characters in fan polls was constantly Kakashi Hatake, the leader of shinobi Team Seven and also sensei to the series’ main trio that young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and also Sakura Haruno.

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Does Kakashi ever reveal his face?

One the the prevailing mysteries neighboring Kakashi is his appearance beneath his mask, and also why he’s constantly concealing his face. As it rotate out, Kakashi’s face wasn’t revealed until episode 469 the Naruto Shippuden (“A distinct Mission”) which didn’t air in Japan until July of 2016.

In the episode, Naruto, Sakura, and also Sasuke decision to shot and uncover out what Kakashi looks favor under his mask together they’re left yearning for a an obstacle after finishing a mission beforehand in the day. They team up with a photographer called Sukea to acquire Kakashi’s ninja registration picture from a secret document storage unit, but are caught in the act before they gain a opportunity to see it.

Sukea following tries to capture a photograph of Kakashi eating v his mask off, yet in each picture he takes, yes sir a different object or animal in the method of Kakashi’s face. The team next tries come collaborate through ninja from groups eight and ten come trick Kakashi into performing mouth come mouth on a drowning mrs (secretly Naruto in disguise,) however Kakashi opts to take it the mrs to a hospital instead. ~ above their method to the hospital the other ninja intercept castle and try to usage their justu to force Kakashi to remove his mask, failing in spectacular fashion.


Once Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura provide up top top their venture to watch Kakashi’s face, Sukea return home and also reveals himself to have been a zero clone of Kakashi every along. While Kakashi’s pupils may never gain to check out his face, the audience fortunately does, both after “Sukea” gets rid of his disguise and as Kakashi muses come himself around the teamwork skills his formation is developing.

Why walk Kakashi conceal his face?Even though fans did ultimately get a satisfactory answer about Kakashi’s appearance, the rationale behind his decision come conceal his challenge remains rather of one enigma come this day.

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Some the the theory fans have circulated over the years include that Kakashi is hiding the dead he feels after the death of his father, while rather have suggested it may simply be the Masashi Kishimoto battles to draw distinctive faces with such a huge cast of characters, and the main distinguishing feature because that Kakashi is his mask. One an especially amusing concept is the Kakashi wears a mask come hide his nosebleeds, which are a common symbol of sex-related arousal in anime, and also would make some sense provided that one of Kakashi’s main character traits is his love the racy literature.

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