Did you know that the factor Flavor Flav wears a clock approximately his neck is because he touts exactly how he knows the worth of time?

Hopefully v our blog this day we deserve to share with you some Halloween costume ideas with resurfacing the Hip-hop personality, smell Flav, and get friend to understand that us at RE/MAX also know the value of time. Because 1987, smell Flav has worn a clock, a big CLOCK, approximately his neck.

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In one MTV interview he described the origin, “Before I began out wearing this clocks, we started off with small stopwatches, and one job I simply wanted to execute something out of the ordinary,”

He was well-known for always being at an early stage to a meeting and making certain sessions would end on time, if no early. It became a joke among his peers. Then a girlfriend of his dared the to move from the smaller sized stopwatch to an really clock about his neck. Odor Flav embraced the difficulty and never ever looked back. We prefer that that is a blaring symbol of his principle of valuing other’s time.

“The factor why ns wear this clock is due to the fact that it represents time gift the many important element in our life,” he said. “Time can’t bought to be wasted, yet not only that, but God only gave us one life. Each minute we live, we got to live each 2nd to our ideal value. Time brought us up in here, and also time can additionally take united state out.”

We agree with Flavor Flav! Time is precious and also we get that. As soon as you decision to use a Realtor for your actual estate needs, we know that that is a method we have the right to save friend time together a our clients. We want to really be responsibility of the time of others due to the fact that it is scarce and if noþeles we want our clients to be able to spend their time law what castle love. We desire to be effective and also efficient in our profession. We concentrate on over and past training, to remain very educated and prepared real estate professionals. We also work exceptionally hard to pioneer concepts too and believe that innovation is vital. Regularly times by adopting these technologies we room able to streamline the actual estate procedure and much better serve our clients! We room thankful because that our job-related as Realtors and also really desire our client to be cure amazingly each and every solitary time they work-related with us. We take into consideration it an honor!

Thank you come our RE/MAX certified dealer models, luis Mendoza and Steve Prescott! lock never miss a minute of helping you!



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