I read newly that someone—not a member the the church—said there is a preeminence that Mormons need to have together many kids as possible, even if they can not afford them. This is totally untrue. It is true that Mormons often tend to have somewhat larger families, but they room not commanded to have large families unless that is what God speak them to do.

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Mormons think we lived v God prior to we to be born. We were soul there, and also in stimulate to get our bodies and to have special experiences vital for ours eternal salvation, we require to involved earth. That way each spirit needs a family to come to. Because that this reason, Mormons are encouraged to have youngsters if they space able to do so. However, this does not equate to having actually dozens that them. The church’s main statement on birth regulate says:

“Children are among the best blessings in life, and also their birth into loving and nurturing families is central to God’s objectives for humanity. When husband and wife space physically able, they have the privilege and also responsibility to bring children into the world and to bite them. The decision of just how many youngsters to have and also when to have them is a private matter for the husband and also wife.”

The statement contains a reminder to be certain children deserve to be listed for—not in wealth, however with the essentials of life:

“Husband and also wife are motivated to pray and counsel together as they arrangement their families. Problems to take into consideration include the physical and also mental health of the mother and also father and also their volume to provide the simple necessities the life for their children.

Decisions around birth control and also the results of those decision rest solely with each married couple. Elective abortion together a an approach of bear control, however, is contradictory to the commandments the God.”

Mormons frequently do have somewhat bigger families due to the fact that they pray around how many youngsters to have and trust oh my gosh judgment. They likewise tend to it is in family-oriented. Since Mormons think God intended families to critical forever, not just during life, they watch their youngsters in a various light. They are structure for eternity and so, not having actually as lot discretionary income here, or having less time or a much less prestigious job so they have the right to spend much more time with family seems to be much less of a sacrifice. This life is a brief span in a three-part eternal life. What castle do below prepares the sample of life because that the rest of eternity. The children they have actually will be theirs forever. This is a exorbitant blessing and an impetus to make the sacrifices the come through parenthood.

Mormons usually spend a lot of time together a family. They have a family members night once a week, day-to-day prayer and also scripture research as a family, church attendance together, and also many other family-oriented activities. They can’t imagine heaven without their families. Due to the fact that they are motivated to notification the blessings family life brings, lock are more likely to reap a houseful that children and also all the funny chaos that goes through it.

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The rumor, then, is false. Parents space not said by commandment not to have kids they can’t afford or care for. Castle aren’t provided a set variety of children to have. They are just asked to assist bring God’s kids into the civilization as castle can and also to enjoy the life those children help them create. They are motivated to look front to a wonderful household reunion in Heaven.