16 factors why Chihuahuas shake, shiver, and also tremble.Myths around Chihuahuas and shaking (most people don’t know these).9 health conditions that can reason your Chihuahua to shake (+ solutions and tips).And more…

Why perform Chihuahuas shake so much?

The factors why Chihuahuas shake therefore much encompass high metabolism, short blood sugar, gift cold, nervous, upset, excited, or anxious. Shaking could likewise be caused because of a medical condition such as generalized tremor syndrome (GTS), poisoning, kidney disease, one injury, or an allergy.

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Like discussed above, it’s necessary that you understand why your Chihuahua shakes, shivers or trembles.

But prior to we talk about the reasons, it’s necessary that us we debunk some…

Chihuahua shaking myths

Old Chihuahua Meme

It’s no at all uncommon for enlarge Chihuahuas to acquire tremors in their front or hind legs. Luckily, these tremors perform not affect the method your Chihuahua walks.

As her Chihuahua ages, take it them on regular basis to the vet. While old age might be leading to the tremors, friend shouldn’t exclude the opportunity of your Chihuahua gift in pain.


To make sure the tremors you watch aren’t accompanied by any type of kind the pain, talk to your vet.

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Health conditions causing shaking

Here space the health conditions that your Chihuahua could be suffering from if no one of the over match the case:

#8: generalised Tremor Syndrome (GTS)

Also known as steroid responsive nervous syndrome,GTScan be viewed in dogs through all kinds of size and breed.

This one is tricky because you can easily mistake that for anxiety or short body temperature (hypothermia).

The syndrome normally affects the dog between the ninth month and also 2 years of their life.


You’ll need to carry out your vet with info on her Chihuahua’s physics activity, behavior, and the symptom you’ve noticed.

Your vet will must run a finish physical examine on her Chihuahua.

Depending on just how severe the tremors are, your Chihuahua will receive either inpatient or outpatient care.

Treating her Chihuahua with corticosteroids prescribed by your vet can give results in a week-time. This is the primary method for managing the syndrome.

#9: Poisoning

Pay attention to exactly how your Chihuahua is shaking. You have the right to recognize the indications of poisoning if your Chihuahua if they begin to shake all of a sudden really intensely.

Poisoning can occur when her Chihuahua ingests certain foods that room toxic to dogs. These can be raisins or cacao – particularly when rich in cocoa.

What could come as a surprised to you is that your Chihuahua can get poisoned through chewing ~ above cigarettes (because they include nicotine).

Xylitol that is a sugar substitute existing in chewing gums can likewise have detrimental effects on the health and wellness of her Chihuahua.

Your Chihuahua could likewise poison us if they get their tongue on surface sprayed v insecticides. Carry out not underestimate the affect insecticides deserve to have ~ above your tiny dog.

Take the from me – my long-haired Chihuahua mix gained intoxicated through licking the floor of our residence after it has actually been sprayed versus ticks…

3 hours have passed before we gotten in our home after it’s been sprayed. Ns washed the floor 2 times prior to we permit Lissa in, together I to be instructed.

Despite following the instructions and my efforts, she licked the floor a couple of times and also we had to gain her viewed at our nearby veterinary clinic.

To a small dog, even a small but concentrated amount the insecticide might be fatal.

Typical signs of poisoning include:

Drooling.Vomiting.Diarrhea.Seizures.Weakness.Depression.Dehydration.Disorientation.A puffy face.Blood coughing.Solution

If you notice your Chihuahua shower severely and also showing any kind of of the above mentioned signs, head to the vet prior to it’s also late.

#10: Kidney disease

Kidney disease could reason shaking yet can additionally be recognized by a the majority of other signs such as:

Weakness.Pale gums.Bloody eyes.Disorientation.Lack that balance.Ulcers in the mouth.Deteriorated breathing.

#11: Ear infections

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons because that vet visits. However what causes them?

Just prefer humans, Chihuahuas could have too much ear wax production. When the ear wax isn’t regularly cleaned, that can reason an infection.

Other causes are allergies and also moisture in the ears.

When it come toear infections, her Chihuahua will certainly most probably not shake their body yet their head instead.

A big indication that something within the ears of your Chihuahua might be off, is once they often try to obstacle their head against a wall, the floor, the couch, or tilt your head.

Although that alone could not be taken into consideration a factor, there space some other symptoms to guide you along the way. They are:

Ear odor.Itchiness.Ear scratching.Red or swollen ear canal.Dark or yellowish discharge.Solution

Take her Chihuahua to the vet for ear examination. That method they deserve to tell you what type of bacteria has actually caused the ear infection.

Your vet will likely prescribe a therapy you have to use at home.

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#12: internal injury

Chihuahuas might easily have actually a traumatic suffer if they’re no monitored at every times. Their tiny size makes them vulnerable to be stepped on, dropped, or assaulted by bigger dogs.

Even though on the exterior everything can seem fine, your Chihuahua could have an internal injury.

If so, her Chihuahua will certainly likely connect they’re ache by shaking, whining, yelping, or limping.

Other symptoms to look out for if you doubt an inner injury are:

Bruises.Lethargy.Weakness.Glazed eyes.Black diarrhea.Whimpering once touched.Coughing or vomiting blood.Fast heartbeat (early indication).Changed gum color (pale or blue suggests a major issue).Solution

Treatment can vary relying on the kind of inner injury. Trauma brought about by a auto could need hospitalization.

In such cases, medicine helps relieve pain. This could be antibiotics, antiarrhythmic drugs due to the fact that of the fast-beating heart.

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In part instances, surgery is necessary. That uses to Chihuahuas that have damaged bones (spinal and also neck ones).