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INTERVIEW: accomplish ‘Y&R’s’ brand-new Abby!

Ridge Forrester ~ above “The Bold and the Beautiful” might soon it is in leaving Los Angeles because that an extended duration of time after ~ portrayer Thorsten Kaye mutual in a recent interview through Dutch newspaper HLN the he has requested time turn off from the present next year, or the year after, wherein the character would certainly be composed out that the show’s storylines because that multiple months.

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In a translated version of the interview common by Twitter user
Chlea_Toast, Kaye says, “I have already agreed through my boss Bradley Bell> that next year, or the year after, the he should write me out of the story for a couple of months.” His plans for a quick exit incorporate traveling with his wife Susan Haskell (ex-Marty Saybrooke, “One Life to Live”) and also their two daughters, McKenna (17) and Marlowe (14). “I to be born in Frankfurt as Thorsten serious Kieselbach. I already looked it up — the is both a municipality in the state of Thuringia but additionally the surname of a tiny river. I spent my childhood in Mainz, ~ above the Rhine. I still have family members living in that region. I hope to walk there at some point with mine wife and two daughters looking for our roots,” Kaye explains.

With “B&B” filming in L.A., and his family still residing in new York, Kaye has actually been racking up constant flyer mile in the almost eight years because he joined the soap, replacing Ronn Moss in the function in December 2013. He notes, “I now recognize all wait hostesses personally . I’ve even invited a couple of to the set.” Meanwhile, to plan to move the family from the east coast to the west to be much debated early on but in the end, Kaye and Haskell decided against it.

“We thought about it, yet in the end, mine wife and I chose not to. I don’t check out Hollywood as suitable place for my daughters to grow up. Ns think that pretty blasé here. The temptations below are too great for teenagers in mine opinion.” the adds, “In Hollywood, the is no so vital what you deserve to do or just how you are, but the outfit or designer apparel you parade in the street with. This is not the real human being to it is in honest. Ns don’t really feel at home here either. The only location I choose is Venice Beach due to the fact that there you deserve to be that you yes, really are.”

Before involvement “B&B” in 2013, Kaye reprised his function as Zach Slater on “All my Children” because that the online revival that aired top top Hulu and was also obtainable for digital circulation via Apple’s iTunes service. He originated the function during ABC’s incarnation that the soap native 2004-2010 and also returned briefly in 2011 in the months adhering to the network’s decision come cancel the series. “I quiet don’t know why, by the way,” Kaye states of the show’s cancellation. “We still had actually a most fans. The stories were quiet captivating. But, well, every actor and actress is tied by such incomprehensible decisions.” making use of a sky-high cliché, Kaye says, “Job security is never ever there in this profession.”

During his days as Patrick Thornhart top top “One Life come Live,” wherein he met his wife, Kaye would often be discovered shirtless. And, once he starred in “Port Charles” as Patrick’s pair brother, Ian, a journalist provided the actor the nickname “Torso,” which stuck with fans and also colleagues. “That was because I was regularly bare-chested at the director’s request. However that is now definitely a point of the past. Ns don’t see Ridge walking around naked anymore, to it is in honest. He, or rather, I, have actually grown too old because that that.

Speaking more on the topic of Ridge Forrester, and also taking end from Moss, Kaye shares that he was concerned about taking ~ above the role, and an ext importantly, didn’t also know he had been available the component until after ~ signing the contract.

“Bradley Bell, the large boss, invited me because that an audition. When such a human asks you, refusing is no an option,” the explains. “It would carry out me with job security, something a father of two can’t afford. Ns signed the contract that exact same day not learning what function it was for. I need to say the I broke into a sweat as soon as I heard the role I had signed for.”

Elaborating further, Kaye noted that that was explained to that at the moment that the character had been off-screen for more than a year safety time in Europe. “That make the change a tiny easier. And also then there was likewise the instance of James link which mine wife pointed out to me,” Kaye share in recommendation to the adjust in the role from Sean Connery to roger Moore and all the gibbs who’ve because followed. “James shortcut still attracts many human being to the cinema.”

As because that whether he’s ever met Moss, Kaye states the two have actually met a few times at different gatherings end the years. “We don’t really know each various other well. I discovered him to be a very sympathetic, heat man. And handsome!” Kaye states of their interactions.

Being a little harsh top top himself, Kaye says, “I realize also well the I’m no as sexy together he is but that doesn’t stroked nerves me. Fans have involved terms with a Ridge who a tiny less sexy, that looks a bit an ext like their neighbor than Brad Pitt .

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Agree to disagree, Mr. Kaye. Agree to disagree. For much more on Kaye’s interview with HLN, you deserve to read the English translation or the original Dutch version.