This 1924 cartoon native an Indianapolis newspaper screens the nativist attitutudes and also anti-immigrant sentiments of the era with words such as "undesirables" and "trash" supplied to describe immigrants from Europe.

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This 1916 cartoon display screens sympathy in the direction of uneducated immigrants. The proficiency test (implemented in 1917) is shown as a huge barrier towards immigrants attempting to get in the US.

American see on immigrants were generally negative during the progressive era. Nativism to be a leading ideology the the time duration and immigrants were seen as a threat to American laborers.

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However, over there were numerous who hosted positive and also welcoming perspectives towards immigrants. Spiritual and charitable institutions such as the Young Men"s Christian association often provided educational services for immigrants, countless of which were aimed in ~ "Americanizing" them. In a may 1919 version of Biblical World, an article encouraging spiritual groups to promote Americanization of immigrant outlines the role that churches and also synagogues must play: "They can assist by encouraging all recently arrived immigrants to learn all lock can about America, that is history, that laws, the customs and ideals, and to come to be owners of residences rather 보다 to proceed to live in tenement houses. Churches and also synagogues where brand-new Americans worship deserve to observe American holidays, commemoration days, and festivals with ideal sermons and also other fitting recognitions."

Many Americans" views on immigrant were influenced by the idea that eugenics. Eugenik was thought about a legitimate science in the joined States and asserted that particular races and also ethnicities were exceptional to others. The imposition of a literacy test because that potential immigrants in 1917 came after decades of lobbying by the immigrant Restriction League, which sustained the idea the low literacy rates to be indicative of inferior races. Eugenicists became increasingly significant in influencing immigration policy in the steady era, thrust by the id that the new waves the Southern and Eastern European immigrant were causing troubles in the US. The efforts of eugenicists were rewarded with the immigrant Act the 1924, which greatly minimal immigration from almost everywhere outside of western Europe. 

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