QUESTION: I delighted in Guy and also Ralna - a loving pair - top top The Lawrence Welk present (reruns in ~ 7 p.m. Saturdays ~ above WMFE-Channel 24). I experienced them recently on a tribute to the show, introduced as Ralna English and also Guy Hovis. What"s the latest on them? still married, ns hope? B.L., Casselberry.

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ANSWER: the wasn"t widely publicized, however the pair divorced in 1984, two years after leaving the show. In truth - regardless of the method they would certainly gaze lovingly into each other"s eye while crooning melody - Guy and also Ralna to be legally be separate for their last 5 years top top Welk. "That was the difficulty - us were starry-eyed," Ralna once told an interviewer. " . . . Yet we never really chosen each other. Us have an extremely different personalities." Ralna has actually a solo singing career, appearing at state fairs and also in las Vegas, Atlantic City and Branson, Mo. Male is a height aide to Senate bulk Leader Trent Lott, R-Mississippi. Their daughter, Julie, turns 19 this year.


Q: Please give some background on Jason Alexander (George) from Seinfeld (9 p.m. Thursdays ~ above WESH-Channel 2). Ns am among his biggest fans. R.C., Altamonte Springs.

A: Born and also raised in brand-new Jersey, Alexander has actually been acting since he was a teen and was so good he winner a drama scholarship come Boston University. He winner a Tony in 1989 for his power in Jerome Robbins" Broadway and also has starred in many Broadway and also off-Broadway productions. He was the sleazy lawyer in pretty Woman, and has showed up in many other films, including Mosquito Coast, Brighton beach Memoirs, Coneheads and also North. Right currently you have the right to hear him as the voice of Hugo the pigeon-hating gargoyle in Disney"s The Hunchback the Notre Dame.


Q: will certainly we continue to watch A Touch the Frost or Cracker on the arts & entertain Network? I thought I saw them refer to current episodes of both together "conclusions." ns hope us will proceed to view these good English mysteries. E.A., Merritt Island.

A: not to worry. Friend must have actually seen concluding episodes of a story arc. A&E; states there are new episodes the A Touch that Frost and Cracker, and also Inspector Morse and also Anna Lee, in the upcoming season that the A&E; mystery Movie (9 p.m. Tuesdays top top A&E;). Likewise watch your telly for two brand-new additions: Dalziel and also Pascoe bring to life the Yorkshire policemen developed by mystery writer Reginald Hill; and Silent angry is the saga that Dr. Samantha Ryan, a forensic pathologist.


Q: What is the tune played as background come the beef commercial where Robert Mitchum says "It"s what"s because that dinner"? C.S., Orlando.

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A: The music featured in those advertising is Aaron Copland"s "Hoedown" native the music for his orchestral ballet score Rodeo.