Why walk Bea Arthur constantly wear those long flowing vests ~ above Maude? I’ve never ever seen any type of other mrs wear these things and also she sporting activities them in just about every scene. My guess is they’re practice made, must have price a fortune and were insisted top top by Bea herself.

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I’ve regularly suspected yes sir a story in there but never heard what it had been.

A pair of guesses:

The look was flattering come Bea Arthur and

They went with the character of a woman that rebelled against the actions expected of proper suburban matrons.

I think they were made for especially for Bea Arthur. She’s fairly tall (I think 6’ or more) and wide shouldered. If you look at the garments she wore in Maude and also compare them come the garments she wore in the golden Girls, the cut and also style are eerily similar. Other than in the 80’s, it to be pastels and nuetrals rather of those hideous publish designs everyone was put on in the 70’s. Thank god polyester went the end of style.

My Mom, who provided to it is in tall, additionally wore vests prefer that in the 70s. And also as they help to camouflage those of us a bit broad in the beam I additionally wear one from time to time. The catalog I obtained it from referred to as it a gilet.

I’ve additionally noticed she often covers a an excellent deal of she neck, in enhancement to the long, flowy vests. I remember one step in Maude where she and Arthur were going to sleep, and also her nightgown had actually a scarf! ns think yes a story over there too…

Um. I stayed in the 70’s. Lengthy vests, tunic layout tops through pants were a style.

what ns recall (no site) re: scarves was that she had a goiter scar on she neck? or am i confusing her with some other star?

If Maude is sleeping with Arthur, Walter is walking to it is in pissed.**Actually she and Arthur walk sleep in the very same bed in one episode, however they to be drunk at the time ane nothing happened.

“Um. I resided in the 70’s. Long vests, tunic format tops v pants to be a style.”

—Yup. I can 2nd this. Caftans and long vests were very popular in the most-hideous-of-all decades. I had a variety of great-aunts who dressed favor Maude. Uneven Bea Arthur, though, my great-aunts were about 4’8", and their raiments trailed behind them . . .

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Who’s Bea Arthur? Maude was played by Ruth Gordon. (And ns don’t specifically remember the vests the which girlfriend speak.)


not Maude as in Harold & the movie, but Maude as in the TV present spin turn off from “all in the family”. Starring Bea Arthur together Maude (who walk on to be a "Golden Girl’0 and Adriene Barboobs* as her divorced daughter.

* what? that isn’t her name? Really. Barbeau? are you sure? hmm. Well, every little thing