For a an easy snack over there is much confusion around the Vienna sausage. On top, Vienna sausage refers to a different sausage in Austria’s capital, if there room a dozen great Vienna sausage ranges you deserve to eat at neighborhood sausage stands. Therefore, if you want to get behind the Viennese sausage culture and beyond what it claims on the can, gain real understanding in this article from a Wiener (Viennese).

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Why Is It called Vienna Sausage?

While the Wiener originates native the German city of Frankfurt, that is called Vienna sausage external of Austria and Switzerland – why? In fact, over there is a fine difference: A Vienna sausage consists of both pork and also beef, if the initial Frankfurter sausage just consists of pork, apart from salt and also spices such together mustard.

When Frankfurt butcher Johann Georg Lahner moved to Austria’s resources Vienna in 1805 he had the ability to refine his initial pork sausage recipe v some beef. Consequently, he marketed his sausages as a new type of Frankfurter Wuerstchen. Later on, they were sometimes dubbed Wiener Wuerstchen (Vienna sausages), despite in Austria and also Switzerland the name Frankfurter dominated.

When you take trip to Austria and ask because that a Wiener you will likely get a lot thicker slicing sausage, quite than a scalding sausage. This is what we contact Wiener.

What space Vienna Sausages made Of?

To do a Vienna sausage grind part pork and also beef v water, white pepper, nutmeg, garlic, pickling salt and mustard into a soft texture. Part sausages likewise include bacon and some potato starch. If you make sausage purely from beef, you’ll have actually to speak to them Vienna beef sausages, or Vienna beef hotdogs. Originally, the sausage instance used lamb intestines but you can use any kind of edible casing. Subsequently, lightly smoke her Vienna sausage to obtain the characteristical taste.

Comparing the taste that Vienna sausages, or Frankfurters, in Vienna come the phibìc American weenies, lock taste really similar. However, if you have local sausages in ~ a Vienna sausage stand, do shot the numerous other ranges of sausages you i will not ~ get almost everywhere else. Below you will uncover a perform of all major local specialities.

Are there really pig ears and other low quality pet parts in Vienna sausages? as for the Austrian ministry of Food and Agriculture, Frankfurters should include first quality pork and also beef, and also bacon.

Viennese Sausage varieties At Sausage was standing in Vienna

Blood Sausage

Although just a couple of sausage stands sell them, Blutwurst, or Blunzn in Viennese dialect, has actually been a well-known local sausage due to the fact that antique roman times. Essentially, a blood sausage consists of pork, pig’s head, cubed bacon and pre-cooked rinds that bacon, except blood and also occasional intestines. If you have actually the fried blood sausage variety, mean some extra white bread, cook cereals, onions and spices in her sausage.


Although most well-known in Salzburg, friend may discover the Bosna additionally at part Viennese sausage stands. Picture two spicy thin pork sausages in a white bread bun, offered with chopped onions mustard, parsley, and also curry.

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While no a Viennese sausage, a Leberkäs-Semmel is another traditional clip at neighborhood sausage stands, and worth a try. Consisting of a part of aromatic meat loaf this snack comes in a typical Austrian bread roll. In fact, the Leberkäse or Fleischkäse originates native Bavaria. Its fine soft texture is comparable to a Vienna sausage, and consists of soil pork and also beef, bacon and also potato starch, in addition to garlic, pepper, nutmeg blossom, onion, sweet red pepper and also piment. Scalded in a rectangular tin, the meat loaf is then reduced into thick slices. Include sweet or spicy mustard, ketchup or horse radish, and also pickled peppers and gherkins. Because that a wider variety that meat loaves, head because that snack bar Leberkas Pepi.

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