Boston will certainly don their UCLA-ish "City Connect” uniforms over the weekend during a collection against the Yankees

If the ain’t broke, don’t prevent wearing it.

Winners of seven in a row, the Boston Red Sox will proceed to wear their UCLA-ish yellow-and-powder-blue “City Connect” uniforms over the weekend throughout a pivotal three-game series against the new York Yankees in ~ Fenway Park.

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Baseball: We’re run entirely by analytics now. Everything has to be calculated and also will it is in calculated.Red Sox: YELLOW JERSEYS EVERY DAY due to the fact that THEY MAKE united state WIN

— Michael Hurley (

Boston’s win streak started as soon as the team was in Seattle last week and also the team returned house last weekend for a three-game collection with the Baltimore Orioles. To acknowledge the start of the last homestand that the season, the Red Sox placed on yellow uniforms, which to be revealed in April and recognize the Boston Marathon bombing and also Patriots’ Day; they promptly reeled off 3 wins in a heat to stretch your winning streak to 5 games. ~ two much more wins over the visiting new York Mets, the Red Sox will proceed to undertake their alternate jerseys against the Yanks.

“Hey, we’re top top a great run,” Xander Bogaerts called reporters after Boston’s first win end the Mets. “As of now, ns don’t anticipate us an altering them because that tomorrow. If we success tomorrow, hope we view it the following day also. I understand it’s not white and also red. I know we’re no the Yellow Sox also, but we require wins appropriate now. For this reason if the yellow, that yellow.”

It is superstitious? Sure. But if the Red Sox room scared the messing v their winning means by swapping their yellow jerseys for their traditional colors, permit ’em store wearing what they desire —these colour score runs.

Should the Red Sox take two out of three or sweep the three-game collection against brand-new York and also take a stranglehold on the No. 1 American league Wild map spot, intend to “City Connect” uniforms in the playoffs for as long as Boston is playing.

With nine gamings left in your season, the Red Sox (88-65) are in single possession of the topWild Cardspot and also have the Yankees and Blue Jays trailing them. After beginning the season 10-11 at Fenway, the Sox room 39-18 in their last 57 house games.

On Friday night in ~ Fenway Park, Gerrit Cole will get the sphere for the Yankees and also Nathan Eovaldi will toe the rubber because that the Sox. For Kyle Schwarber, who was obtained at the profession deadline through Boston and had a pair of residence runs ~ above Wednesday, it will certainly be his very first taste of the longtime AL east rivalry.

“Yeah, an extremely excited to check out what the environment is walk to be like,” Schwarber said. “Obviously the going to it is in my an initial Yankees-Red Sox matchup right here in Boston. Ns definitely really excited to display up come the field on Friday and see the buzz. That going to it is in fun. I’m certain it’s walking to it is in electric, and I think we’re all going come be prepared for the challenge. We want to have the ability to keep winning and also get to the postseason and keep to win in the postseason. Postseason baseball, it’s addicting. It’s a different kind that baseball. That something that you want to obtain to every single year.”

Even if you have to wear yellow to perform it.

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