Elephants are big mammals that have actually long trunks and huge ears. African elephants space the largest land pets in the world. Castle can gain as tall together 13 feet (4 meters) and weigh as lot as 14000 pounds (6 tonnes). The natural habitats that elephants space in the wild that some parts of Africa, south Asia and also Southeast Asia. Therefore why perform they have big ears, tusks and long trunk?


Why do elephants have actually tusks?

Tusks are massive teeth (incisors) the grow beyond the mouth that the elephant. These cream color teeth room beautiful and also essential for pet species’ survival. Tusks prosper continuously throughout their lives, extending from deep in ~ their top jaw. Tusks grow to weigh much more than 100 lb (45.35 Kgs). 

We likewise have incisors; they space the teeth at the prior of ours mouths, i m sorry we use for biting food.

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Their tusks assist them in delivering out tasks: 

Digging for water or crucial minerals in the ground, Lifting objects, Gathering food, Stripping bark from trees to eat come secure fibrous food, Defence,Helping males complete for females,The tusks likewise protect the trunk.

Just as people are left or right-handed, elephants, too, room left tusked or right tusked. The leading tusk gets wear and tear from constant use. 

Both male and female afri elephants have tusks, while only male asian elephants, and also only a details percentage the males today, have actually tusks. 

Why space elephants evolving to it is in tuskless? 

Humans space attracted to the beautiful tusks the elephants. Due to the fact that Ivory is the most highly prized product in the natural world, its need has brought about the deaths of hundreds of elephants across Africa. Moreover, the only way that human beings can get hold of their tusks is by death them. Poachers kill 20,000 elephants per year for your tusks and also trade them illegal in the global market. This trade is a wildlife crime. In the past, elephant tusks frequently weighed in at much more than 200 lb (91 Kgs). Because of the degree of the poaching of elephants, the big-tusk gene has actually vanished from the population. Fifty percent of masculine elephants in the Asian population do not thrive tusks at all. Pets with tusks that have actually the gene to grow tusks are eliminated from the population by poachers. Pets that do not have tusks survived because they execute not appeal to the poachers. 

Why perform elephants have big ears?

 Elephants’ ear are among the methods to phone call the difference in between African and Asian elephants.

Asian elephants have smoother skin and also smaller ears than African Elephants.

The ears of african elephants can flourish six feet (1.82 m) and 4 feet (1.21 m) wide. Lock resemble the shape of the afri continent. ~ above the other hand, the ears of the oriental elephants are round shape.

Elephant ears help them remain cool!

The factor why Asian and African elephants have different ear sizes needs to do through their habitats. African elephants live in excessive temperature environments and savannas and also need security from the sun. ~ above the various other hand, eastern elephants live in shady woodlands where they do not watch sunlight. 

Therefore, castle have huge ears to assist them continue to be cool. They are huge, which method they develop a most body heat. Lock must have actually a very efficient way to remove their extra body heat. Uneven the person body, the pet body can not sweat to save him cool. Luckily, lock come v a integrated solution: big, floppy ears.

Thousands the blood vessels consist of the animal’s ears. This vessels room thin and close come the skin. They permit the overfill body warm to to escape the elephant’s body and also regulate their body temperature. 

Another factor why lock have huge ears is to usage their ears as fans to cool off your bodies. Their ears have the right to cool your body by up to 5° Celcius (that is 9° Fahrenheit)! 

Experiment time:Hold an ice cream cube in the palm of her hand. That will start to melt.

Heat flows from an area that high warmth to another of short heat. 

The ice cube is not making your hand cold. In reality, the warmth from your hand is making the ice cream cube warmer. So, that’s why that melts.

This is specifically what happens in the elephant’s ears once the elephant’s human body temperature is better than the temperature of his surroundings, warm is released from the ears.

Elephants’ ears help them hear long distances and also therefore communicate!

The elephants hear increase to 6 miles (10 km) far from their present location. Elephants communicate using a mystery language utilizing a low-pitch voice the our ear cannot pick.

Elephants are as noisy together cows on a farm, but due to the fact that our ears only hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, us cannot hear the ultrasonic sounds the elephants produce while communicating.

Infrasonic sound waves (low frequency) have longer wavelengths and can take trip up come 5 KMs (3 miles).

Moreover, the within ear structure of the elephants is large, do them able to catch infrasonic sound waves. The animals will sometimes raise their ears and stand tho to hear to various other animals and also the sounds of nature. They usage their super-hearing to estimate the weather. Elephants deserve to hear a storm practically from 300 KMs away!

When they try to intimidate someone or animals, they spread their ears large open to display dominance.


Why perform elephants have a lengthy trunk?

The elephants’ stems is an expansion of their nose that fuses v their top lip. They use it for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and, come grab things such as food. 


Scientists uncovered that elephants have over 2,000 gene coding for olfactory receptors. Five wow! Too many smelling receptors. That means that they have actually a good sense the smell; 4 times much more sensitive than a bloodhound dog. They use their trunk to discover food and also water the they deserve to smell indigenous 12 miles (around 19 km) away. 


African elephants have two finger-like functions on the end of your trunk required to grasp small objects. However, oriental elephants have actually only one. This fingers are very strong and precise, enabling them to choose up a small peanut, break the shell and also then eat the uncrushed nut inside.

Trunks can flourish up come 2 meters in length, and they deserve to weigh 160 kg (353 pounds). Rings of cartilage support the two nostrils all along the trunk. The trunk walk not have bones. Therefore, elephants can move their versatile trunk in everything direction they need to.

The stems alone contains about 40,000 muscles contrasted to humans 650. Through all those muscles, the trunk deserve to lift objects the 320 kgs (772 pounds).

Elephants additionally fill your trunk with water and transfer this water right into their mouth. An elephant deserve to hold up to 2 gallons (7.5 litres) of water in one gulp.


Elephants like to swim come cool turn off in the water. They usage their trunk as snorkels to enable them come breathe. 

Show affection

Elephants space emotionally intelligent and also they have actually deep family bonds. They use their trunk to display affection to one one more by stroking the head and earlier of various other elephants come caress, present compassion and also comfort. The infant elephants also suck on your trunks to comfort themselves. Like when a baby human sucks top top his ignorance for comfort.

They additionally use your trunk come trumpet warning one another versus wilderness dangers.

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Feel their method around

Elephants perform not have actually the best eyesight, for this reason they use their trunks to feeling their way through forests. They usage their trunks come rip branches and also knock under trees come make paths in the forest. Your trunk have the right to reach branches approximately 20 feet in elevation (6 meters)

Elephants have wanted trunk side, similar to right-handed/left-handed humans. 


Fun Facts

Did you understand that elephants:

Have a larger mind than any other soil mammals that can acquire as big as 13 pounds (6 kgs). The is why they room so clever and have an incredible memory.Are herbivores; they only eat plants.Ears have a unique pattern the veins; as with fingerprints, no two are alike. Can live for approximately 60-70 years.Spend three-quarters of their time eating as they need around 150 kg that food every day.Can connect through sound that create vibrations in the ground. They detect sound vibrations through their bones.Some the the longest tusks ever before recorded belonged to an old elephant dubbed Ahmed, who lived in Kenya till the ripe old age of 65. His tusks were 3m in length and also weighed 67kg each. That is 5kg much more than the average weight of an adult human.An elephant’s skin is 2.5cm thick and also it’s for this reason wrinckly. The folds and also wrinkles in their skin have the right to retain up to 10 times more water than level skin does, which help to cool them down. They store their skin clean and protect themselves from sunburn by taking continual dust and mud baths.