This nation song about a condemned prisoner that longs come escape to the green, eco-friendly grass of home was inspired by a crime step in the movie The Asphalt Jungle. Nashville songwriter Curly Putnam created it in 1964 and also it was originally recorded by country singer Johnny Darrell.

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Tom Jones decided to record this after ~ hearing a variation by Jerry Lee Lewis, a legend Rocker who had actually started making nation records. A year after Johnny Darrell’s original version, Lewis videotaped this on his album country Songs for City Folks. Jones recalled come The letter On Sunday February 6, 2011: “I provided to collect anything Jerry Lee Lewis recorded, and still do. I was in brand-new York in 1965 once I purchase his country album country Songs for City Folks. Eco-friendly Green Grass Of house stuck out.

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Tom Jones recalled listening Jerry Lee Lewis’ version of this in 1000 UK #1 access time by Jon Kutner and also Spencer Leigh, “I claimed to my recording manager, Peter Sullivan, I’d favor to record this. He said, ‘A country song?’ I said ‘Yeah’ due to the fact that I hadn’t excellent a nation song up to that point. Les Reed did the arrangement and also played piano ~ above the track and made it an ext of a Pop song than a country song, since when Jerry Lee Lewis did it, that was strictly Country. Once I came earlier to England, I videotaped the tune on TV and we did it prefer in a jail. However you don’t understand it is a jail until the camera pulls ago and you view the bars, and also there ns am in this jail to sing The environment-friendly Green Grass the Home.”

This was Tom Jones’ best hit in the UK, marketing 1,205,000 copies. It was the very first Decca single by a UK artist to sell much more than a million copies in the UK.

“Green green Grass that Home”

The old residence town watch the sameAs I step down from the train,And there to meet me is mine Mama and also Papa.Down the roadway I look and also there runs MaryHair the gold and also lips like cherries.

It’s good to touch the green, environment-friendly grass that home.Yes, they’ll all involved meet me, eight reaching, laugh sweetly.It’s an excellent to touch the green, green grass the home.

The old residence is tho standing tho’ the paint is cracked and also dry,And there’s the old oak tree the I used to pat on.Down the lane i walk with my sweet Mary,Hair of gold and also lips like cherries.It’s good to touch the green, eco-friendly grass the home.

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Then ns awake and also look around me,At 4 grey wall surfaces that surround meAnd i realize, yes, ns was only dreaming.For there’s a guard and there’s a sad old padre,Arm in arm, we’ll walk in ~ daybreak.Again ns touch the green, green grass the home.

Yes, they’ll all concerned see meIn the shade of that old oak treeAs they put me ‘neath the green, environment-friendly grass the home