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“We to be a absent band and also disco music to be coming in,” he told take care of Connick Jr in a 2017 appearance on Connick’s TV show Harry. “Rock clubs were closing down and discos were opened up. And we were a hard-working band playing four, five, six nights a week.”

During a rest at the band’s steady gig, Parissi told the tape he couldn’t publication them anymore uneven they added dance music to your set. “I finally told the males ‘how about if Led Zeppelin did “That’s The means I prefer It” (KC & The Sunshine Band)?’ So ns walked out and I composed down precisely what was going on v us. I had the first two verses and chorus created by the moment we fight the stage. And also I wrote the critical verse in the car on the way home.”

In an in-depth and wide-ranging facebook interview v Danny Gochnour (guitarist because that Pittsburgh’s Joe Grushecky and also The Houserockers) about the ‘70s Pittsburgh music scene, rhythm guitarist Bryan Bassett revealed key details that the song’s clever hybrid the rock, funk and disco.

“’Play the Funky Music’ is nice autobiographical and also quiteliteral. Club work was acquiring scarce if you didn’t play run music, for this reason wedecided to change. Someone in reality did say the to us- play the funky musicwhite boy- insinuating the if us didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be functioning muchlonger. Ns remember that happening at the 2001 club in downtown Pittsburgh, whichhad turned into a large disco. Us were still play Kiss, Led Zeppelin andFoghat. Someone came up to our drummer Ron and also said, you better play the funkymusic white boy. He told that to rob in the dressing room and I think Rob startedwriting that song right then.”

Bassett was responsible because that the song’s iconic opening riff, a pentatonic blues-based octave run that bring away its cue native then-current disco and funk songs, fused v a dash that Zeppelin’s “How Many much more Times.” “We were switching styles to funk, and also we were emulating The Commodores. I come up with my riff.

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Ns was the solitary note funk line guy and Rob was the chord player. Rob is wonderful guitar player and also that is him playing the solo in the song.”

The full-length version of the tune cleverly modulates close to the finish from the funk standard vital of E up to G for an eight bar break before Parissi walk his best Sly rock “take you greater now,” elevating the song to the crucial of A, wherein it fades out, the tape riding their way off the run floor right into music history.