Series:Wizards of Waverly PlacePart of Season:4Episode Number:27Air Date:January 6, 2012Writer:Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio (Part 1)Todd J. Greenwald (Part 2)Director:Victor GonzalezPrevious episode:Harperella

Who will Be the family Wizard is the 27th and final illustration of Season 4 the Wizards the Waverly Place and also the 106th episode overall, as well as the collection finale.

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The Russo siblings — Alex, Justin, and also Max — face a sudden and also ultimate check to determine which among them will be licensed has been granted to save their wizardly powers. Meanwhile, Jerry decides come close down the family members business.

Why it Rocks

All that the characters, particularly Alex, Justin, and also Max, every act favor their old lovable selves before they were flanderized.The episode starts off great with Alex making she family’s dinner without magic, and also that was sufficient to get the Russo youngsters to compete in the family Wizard Competition.The way the kids use your time outs to defeat griffins and also save a kidnapped Harper and also Zeke was good, and also heartwarming too, as saving friends is constantly important, and also Alex reflects her love friendship v her best friend again, which is awesome, considering the reality that Alex no the best friend to Harper for most of this awful season.It was nice that the Russos rescued their friends, yet this resulted in them gift "disqualified" since the rescue took also long, thus, shedding their lair and also all your magic. This led to an emotionally fight in between the family because Alex wanted to conserve their friends, and also they were all encouraged the household is now ruined without their powers, and Jerry sells the below Shop. This is family karma done right.There to be a couple of weeks that the children went there is no magic, and within that time, they actually bonded together a family, reopened the below Shop, and learned to job-related together, i m sorry was great and very heartwarming, and also definitely among this bad season’s much better moments.The family members Wizard compete was great and interesting, as once the Russos went back to the area that the competition, Rootie Tootietootie revealed the the Griffin attack and also the couple of weeks there is no magic was a test to see if the Russos still had actually their family bond, and also they passed, nice surprise.The rounds of the compete were all awesome, the very first one was a trivia round, the 2nd was a non magic round, the 3rd was a correcting round, and also the final round is a huge maze one.The Russo children were every awesome throughout the competition, and even despite Justin won, the admitted that Alex aided him near the end when he got stuck ~ above a tree root, so he offers the location of family members Wizard come his sister, which to be sweet and also heartwarming.An amazing finishing where Alex is the household Wizard, Justin i do not care a full Headmaster magician of Wiz-Tech, many thanks to Professor Crumbs retiring and also giving that the position for Justin’s smart mind and his decision to offer his sisters the household Wizard title, and also Max accepting that he is no much longer a Wizard, and also happily agree the sub Shop the Russo kid’s dad, Jerry, will pass down someday. And the series ends through Alex saying that the family members is now finally all happy at the exact same time, i m sorry is heartwarming.

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The Only poor Quality

The part where Professor Crumbs to be announcing that he to be retiring and looking because that a replacement head wizard, comes completely out of nowhere, never gets collected to in the series, and also just seems prefer an pardon for an ext than one Russo to be able to keep your wizard powers.

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