A protective deity who beat a dragon, learn how the youthful Nezha became one that the great heroic numbers of Chinese folklore!


Like countless deities in Chinese mythology, Nezha was born right into a mortal life.

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While the situations of his birth were unusual, he lived as a young boy through his human family. He was tutored by an immortal Taoist, but likewise annoyed his father with his mischief and disobedience.

Nezha was divine enough, however, to come to be a natural foe of a predatory dragon. After killing two of the Dragon King’s divine messengers, consisting of one of his sons, Nezha’s father to be commanded to sacrifice himself to atone because that his son’s actions.

Instead, Nezha killed himself to conserve his father and also community. This action of filial piety offered him the readjust to hit the dragon in Heaven, although his father never forgave the trouble he caused.

Nezha and also his father came to be eternal enemies, almost destroying one an additional before his dad was offered the power to save on computer his son. Despite this, however, Nezha was seen as a protective divine being who ensured youngsters respected their parents.

Nezha and the Sea Dragon

The story the Nezha is said in the Fengshen Yanyi, or The Investiture the the Gods. This 16th century novel is collection during the Shang dynasty (1600 – 1046 BC) and also tells legends of exactly how the gods and other mythological creatures influenced the world of men in the remote past.

According to the Fengshen Yanyi, Nezha was the third son of Li Jing and Lady Yin. His father was a armed forces commander at the time, however later came to be a Taoist superhuman together well.

Lady Yin was pregnant for 3 years before having a dream in i beg your pardon a Taoist gifted her through a child. The next day she provided birth to a shapeless ball of flesh.

Li Jing struck the mass v his sword, believing that his mam had offered birth come a demon instead of a child.

When that struck the ball, however, it break-up open to reveal Nezha. He to be born together a boy rather of one infant and could walk and speak native the moment he emerged.

The young was tackled as a college student of Taiyi Zhenren, the immortal that the Fengshen Yanyi names as the first emperor the the Shang Dynasty. Under the immortal’s tutelage, Nezha thrived to be both a great scholar and a professional fighter.

He was likewise a mischievous child, however. Li Jing to be constantly frustrated by his son’s tricks and also disobedience.

Chentang Pass, where Nezha’s father was stationed, to be within the regions of Ao Guang, the Sea Dragon King that the East. The dragon lugged many disasters, for this reason the civilization were so fear of him that they never ever went to the Jade Emperor because that protection.

One day, Nezha bathed in a stream near the east Sea. This resulted in Ao Guang’s royal residence to shake.

In his anger, the Dragon King sent a drought to the region. The world of Chentang happen sacrificed much of their food to appease Ao Guang, yet he was no satisfied v the gifts.

Instead, he wanted to eat 2 children. That sent one of his servants, Li Gen, to bring back a girl and also a young from the fortress.

Nezha was playing through two other kids when Li Gen appeared. The young young beat him back, injuring the badly sufficient that he begged Ao Guang come send someone rather to catch the boy.

Ao Guang sent among his own sons, Ao Bing. Nezha killed the Dragon Prince.

This time, Ao Guang himself appeared before Nezha’s father. He intimidated to ruin Chentang Pass v a flood if Li Jing did no atone for his young actions.

Li Jing refused, therefore Ao Guang vowed to destroy him and his community to avenge his boy death. Nezha, however, stepped in to conserve his father.

Nezha offered himself together a sacrifice to the dragon, committing suicide to conserve his family and town indigenous destruction.

When that did so, he to be taken as much as Heaven whereby Ao Guang was around to petition the Jade Emperor.

Nezha to win the Sea Dragon violently. That did enough damage that few of Ao Guang’s scales to be removed and he was compelled to transform into a small snake to escape.

The Dragon Kings celebrated Nezha’s death, yet Ao Guang was compelled to reconcile with the brand-new young god, as the very least partially, to do peace.

After his death, Nezha’s skeletal were returned to his family. He showed up to his mother in a dream and also asked she to develop a holy place in his respect so that his soul might rest.

She did and the temple ended up being a pilgrimage site. Nezha’s soul cured illness and injury, win the temple good acclaim.

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As a Taoist, the was offered the title Marshal the the central Altar and third Lotus Prince.