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Weeks after the horrific terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, our country was hurting. Brand-new York was hurting. It to be the most devastating day in American background after 2,977 innocent lives were shed from the strikes made on the pair Towers and the Pentagon.

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The MLB canceled your games immediately following the attacks, yet many knew the escapism with sports could be one of the finest ways because that our country to start it"s slow process of healing, one that"s still going ~ above today.

That autumn in the world Series, the new York Yankees were play the Arizona Diamondbacks, and also I remember staying up late together a child to clock it. Cultivation up in a house where baseball was our religion, and also seeing the Yankees shed the first two games of the collection was disheartening.

Until video game three.

George W. Shrub throwing the end the first pitch before game 3 that the 2001 World series at Yankee stadion

— Baseball In Pics (

On October 30, then-President George W. Bush threw the ceremonial very first pitch before the third game that the collection at Yankee Stadium. Previously that day, the visited an initial responders that were functioning at the human being Trade Center.

The ceremonial first pitch, which has been thrown by nearly every sitting president since William Howard Taft in 1910, ends the pre-game rituals, and begins the baseball game.

Bush approached the mound in one FDNY pullover through a bulletproof vest underneath (police and security were incredibly heightened ~ above the day of his visit). He to be greeted with thunderous applause and fans chanting "USA! USA!"

He threw a perfect win over house plate, and taken on Yankees manager Joe Torre and also Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly when he left the mound.

“Don't bounce it, they'll boo you.” -Derek Jeter to chairman George Bush prior to game 3 that the 2001 World series

— Baseball Bros (

However, the night, the very first pitch meant much more than just "play ball." that meant relocating forward. It supposed unity. V that throw, shrub helped cure a city and also a nation. The sport"s unifying power and also Bush"s display of leadership made such an affect on many. Baseball is America"s pastime, and gave everyone a sense of normalcy even in the aftermath of September 11.

Bush urged the country to relocate forward v strength once the country had so countless questions and also still felt so raw and also vulnerable. V that pitch, the demonstrated that he to be a secure leader once the nation needed one most.

Regardless of her political affiliations, the didn"t matter those months complying with the terror attacks. Folks were thrilled to see shrub embody resilience and guide the nation through an incredibly dark time. He did for this reason compassionately and powerfully.

The Yankees won that night, and also it was among the most-needed and also exhilarating victories because that the Bronx baseball team. The victory and also the first pitch coagulation the reality that brand-new York and the country would relocate forward from the tragedy.

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President George W. Bush talks with supervisors Joe Torre #6 the the brand-new York Yankees and Bob Brenly #15 that the Arizona Diamondbacks prior to game 3 that the World collection at Yankee stadium in brand-new York, new York ~ above October 30, 2001.Al Bello/ALLSPORT via Getty ImagesIt is also considered the most memorable and most important an initial pitch thrown by a president.

"I had never had actually such one adrenaline rush as as soon as I ultimately made it to the mound," shrub told "I to be saying come the crowd, "I"m through you, the country"s through you" ... And I wound up and fired the pitch. I"ve been to conventions and also rallies and speeches: I"ve never ever felt something so powerful and emotions so strong, and the cumulative will of the group so evident."