Summary: thing 14

The narrator suspends informing the story of Bilbo and thedwarves at the mountain and focuses top top Smaug as the dragon fliestoward Lake town to wreak vengeance. The world of Lake town seethe dragon comes from a long way off (some think at an initial thathis fire is the flow running v gold) and also prepare archers andmany buckets that water to douse the comes flames. Your readinessis of small help, for Smaug paris over the town and also lights everyroof top top fire. The men’s arrows bounce harmlessly turn off the dragon’sdiamondlike hide. When many of the men have abandoned the city,one man, Bard, the captain of the archers, readies his last arrow.Suddenly, a thrush soil on his shoulder and speaks in a languagehe have the right to understand. The bird tells Bard come watch because that the dragon’sweak point out in the hole of his left breast. Bard looks, sees theopen patch, and lets fly his arrow. The plunges with the chinkin the dragon’s armor and also buries itself in his heart. The beastcomes crashing down, destroying the rest of Lake city as the dies.Bard manages come dive safely into the water and join the remainder ofhis people, who room mourning the dead and also their shed town. Someblame the dwarves because that waking the dragon, however most assume that theytoo space dead. Then the lake males remember the gold in the LonelyMountain, and also they think eagerly of just how the wealth might rebuildtheir town.

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News that Smaug’s fatality spreads quickly. That reaches farand wide, bringing the Elvenking and an army of elves, that stopat Lake town to loan aid. The humans and elves climate gather togetherin a single army and march towards the Lonely Mountain. Most of them expectto discover a substantial treasure left unattended.

Summary: chapter 15

Meanwhile, the thrush returns to the firm on the mountain. Findingthat they cannot understand its speech, the thrush bring an oldraven that deserve to speak in the common tongue. This bird educates Bilboand the dwarves of Smaug’s death, and also they rejoice. However, theirrejoicing is short-lived, as the raven goes on to describe the hugearmy the humans and also elves marching toward them, and also the sufferingof Lake Town’s people, that surely deserve some share the the massivetreasure in the mountain. Thorin regards the treasure together his inheritanceand plans to fight for it, however, regardless of what the peopleof Lake Town have suffered.

Under Thorin’s orders, the agency retreats to the mountain andfortifies it by building a formidable wall at the main gate. Native there,they watch together Bard and representatives the the elves approach. Bardinforms them the he killed Smaug and also that Lake Town has been destroyed.He asks the the dwarves be generosity in share the riches of themountain, because they have benefited so lot at the price of thehumans. Thorin flatly refuses. The feels that he owes the humansnothing since the gold belonged come his human being originally. Bard givesThorin part time to reconsider, however Thorin will certainly not change his position.The mountain is asserted besieged: nothing and also no one will be letin or the end if elves and men can help it. Bilbo, because that his part, wouldgladly re-publishing the treasure. That is entirely discouraged by the wholeturn the affairs. However, no dwarf inquiries Thorin, and the hobbithas no say in the dwarves’ decision.

Analysis: Chapters 14–15

Bard, the only person hero in The Hobbit, isgrim, courageous, and honorable. Bard’s lower from the peopleof Dale—who stayed in peace through Thorin’s ancestors in happier times,before Smaug—allows him come hear the indigenous of the thrush the communicates Bilbo’smessage. Bard is brave enough to be the last man standing in thetown and also skilled enough to death Smaug through a shot. Bard is kind andreasonable, presenting the needs of the men and the elves as politelyas feasible to Thorin and asking only for what is needed to rebuildLake town and help alleviate his people’s suffering.

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After they discover the treasure, the dwarves’ disturbinggreed escalates to the level that Thorin seems much more like a villainthan a hero by chapter 15. We feeling thatpoor Bilbo, as an ally of the dwarves, is grounding on the dorn sideof the conflict. As soon as the elf and human armies development to proposethat the treasure it is in shared, the narrator observes that Thorin’slust for gold has actually been building ever because he gone into the dragon’slair. This lust has made Thorin and also most that the other dwarves totallyunreasonable. We space told that just Bombur, Fili, and also Kili do notcompletely share Thorin’s stubbornness.