10 things You no Know about The gold Girls Theme track & Intro The golden Girls to be a standard television show, and also its theme track is a gem. Inspect out this ten facts you never ever knew around the intro!

prior to there was Sex and also the City, there was the Golden Girls. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and also Sophia to be the most recognizable gang of girlfriends to elegant the TV screen. World still watch the show regularly, and you can capture reruns every now and then online or top top the throwback channels. In fact, world who weren"t also alive once the show aired have actually become huge fans many thanks to the easy accessibility of the Internet.

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Even if you"ve never seen an episode of this standard sitcom, you understand the song as soon as it comes on. Bar bands have actually covered it, celebrity singers have taken their very own stab at it, and also just about anyone and also their grandmother deserve to recite at the very least one line. It"s among those songs the you can"t help but hum follow me with. But we bet there"s a lot more to this track than you ever realized. Here are part lesser-known facts about the song.

Andrew Gold
The original version that "Thank You because that Being a Friend" to be written and also recorded by Andrew Gold. He"s best known because that his various other songs "Lonely Boy" and Never Let her Slip Away." The Golden Girls theme appeared on his 1978 album All This and Heaven Too, and was also released as a solitary that same year. This to be Gold"s third studio album and was a success because that the time. The version offered for the display was in reality re-recorded through Cynthia Fee. At the time, she didn"t think lot of it and also recorded the whole thing in just a pair takes. Transforms out this would certainly be her best career relocate to date.

The gold Girls
throughout the 80s and 90s, fees primarily operated in television producing jingles for miscellaneous commercials. However, supposedly she did take it a stab in ~ acting ideal on the display that put her name on the map.

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We space saying supposedly due to the fact that she"s not actually detailed on IMDB so us can"t verify, yet many human being have stated online that she did show up on an illustration of the display in 1988 throughout season four. So, we"re phone call this a rumor because that now.

Golden girls Title Credit
"Thank You because that Being a Friend" wasn"t the very first choice the producers wanted. Initially, they actually approached the studio that had actually the civil liberties to Bette Midler"s tune "Friends." However, the price of buying the license was also expensive and also they had actually to pass. No everyone had a massive budget plan to spend on design template songs in ~ this time. Thankfully, who on the crew remembered Andrew Gold"s song and also pitched it come the team. Licensing that tune wasn"t together expensive, therefore they went because that it and also had Fee perform her recording.

7 It was A struggle Long before It Was offered On The Show

Andrew Gold give thanks to You for Being a Friend
Years prior to anyone stepped into Blanche"s house and also shared a cheesecake in the center of the night, the tune was currently resonating through audiences. ~ above its relax in 1978, "Thank You for Being a Friend" the soared come the height 40 charts in the united States and Canada.

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People were loving this well-known song, and it"s therefore that one of the producers also remembered that existed. Thankfully so, because we can"t snapshot the Golden Girls with any other design template song.

Yes, there to be a spinoff. And also yes, that did usage the very same theme tune as the original show, just with a brand-new backdrop and also opening credit sequence. It was dubbed The gold Palace and also it aired for one season before it got canceled. It starts right ~ the series finale of the Golden Girls, when Dorothy has taken turn off to enjoy her brand-new married life (Spoiler alert, but you"ve had over 30 year to watch, for this reason we"re no sorry). The premise the the spinoff is the Blanche, Rose, and Sophia decision to invest in a hotel currently that your house has actually sold, and also then additional shenanigans happen along the way. It"s not much, however it helps if you"ve ever before been left wondering how everyone"s story play out. Oh, and also Don Cheadle remained in it, so there"s that, too.

5 over there Is prolonged Version

We"re not referring to the initial version through Andrew Gold. The is obviously prolonged version as it"s a real hit single. No, there"s actually an extensive version that the golden Girls re-recording by Fee.

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It"s around a minute longer than the version provided for the show, therefore it provides you that extra small bit that nostalgia time. It"s just perfect because that those days as soon as you just want to binge-watch the display all day however don"t have actually time.

In 2016, a YouTuber through the handle finally Aaron exit a clip of himself performing a gospel remix the the Golden Girls theme song. At first, he started with a shorter clip of the track where he simply obtained so excited and also let loosened like he was in church. It"s glorious. However the song went viral, and also before the knew it, human being were pressuring him to do a full version. He finally gave in to well-known demand and the people of the internet absolutely loved it. This also just proves just how versatile this tune really is – it deserve to be remade in any type of style.

3 Someone damaged A people Record through Singing It

Don"t issue if you"re confused. We"ll explain. A guy named Eliot Glazer at this time holds a people record because that reciting the text to the Golden Girls theme tune the most times when the actual song plays. In various other words, throughout the duration of the template song, this man recited the text really fast four times, and also no one else has actually beaten him.

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We"re no really certain why this is a record, but it looks choose a funny game. How countless times execute you think you might sing the song over and over again prior to the credits end?

The man behind the tune is the last person who expected it to be such a hit on a big-time TV show. In a discussion about the song on his YouTube page, Gold claimed that the tune was simply some "throwaway" song that take it him around an hour come write. The majority of the re-takes they had to execute were just false starts, too. He had no idea it was going to turn right into this significant song that people would it is in reciting years later.

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1 Betty White go A fatality Metal version Of The track On SNL

simply when you thought Betty White couldn"t be any an ext amazing, she blows you away. In 2010, the legend and also last life Golden Girl hosted Saturday Night Live. It to be Mother"s job weekend. In ~ one suggest in the show, the cast of SNL make a tribute video clip for White. In the video, they every sang the theme song. Then, at the end of the video, we check out White"s reaction. She thanks them, yet says she prefers her rendition. At that point, they present her in the middle of a headbanging mosh pit through a ski mask on, dressed in every black, rocking out to a death metal variation of the song. It"s truly amazing.