It’s Monday, which means that it’s absolutely time to “Shake it Up baby Cmon!” here to loan you a hand through that is singer and also songwriter Anda and also her brand new single and also music video. The video clip emphasizes the fun, carefree perspective of the song, written and also produced in collaboration with the well-regarded Alap Momin (Dälek, MRC Riddims). Momin is a widely respected secret club, hip-hop, indie, and also rock producer who likewise operates the Harlem-based Internet & Weed document label, i m sorry this single was exit through earlier this month.

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Influenced by standard R&B and soul music, Anda has taken this approach and also applied it come fun, energetic, party music, designed to acquire the room bouncing. Yes sir a classic, Harlem, Uptown brand-new York vibe come the “Shake the Up infant Cmon” i m sorry is accentuated in the video clip clip, v the out shots all actually filmed in Harlem to record the special society of this historic neighbourhood.

Discussing what motivated her in writing and recording her brand-new single, Anda said, “Recently, ns was inspired by among my favourite artists: Chaka Khan. I was intimidated in ~ first, yet after a little bit of heart searching and also a lot of self-pep talk, I made decision to just sit in mine studio and try to feel right into her energy. Six hours later, ‘Shake it up baby Cmon’ to be done. The funny vibe the this monitor feels choose riding a roller coaster with every one of your best friends. V its undeniably grooving bass and also drums, inspirational lyrics and party vibe, this track renders you wanna play that over, again and also again. ‘Shake the up baby Cmon’ is the an outcome of perfect a bicycle of creativity… a homecoming ago to funk… my funk… and BABY that FEELS GOOOOOD!”

Harlem is where Anda has called home because she to be a child. Farming up as the daughter that two classical concert pianists, Anda began playing piano as a young child, prior to pursuing jazz trumpet in high school and then earning a level in Jazz Performance and also Composition indigenous The brand-new School in brand-new York City. While still in college, she began to tourism as a trumpet player and also member of The Dap Kings, touring with both Sharon Jones and also Lee Fields. No content to remainder on she musical laurels, Anda take it a keen interest in ska and reggae music and helped uncovered the Afrobeat team Antibalas.

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Afrobeat music ended up being something of a enthusiasm for her, which led she to relocate to Brazil where she served as a singer and keyboardist because that Afrobeat artist IFA, and MPB artist Kalu. Recently, Anda has taken a better interest in music production and is currently arising a catalogue of licensable tracks.

If life feels prefer a drag and also nothing is obtaining you going, crank up part Anda since it’s time to feeling good!