The tune was created by man Holt, that sang tenor in The Paragons. Holt created a many love songs; in this one, he"s willing to wait out the high tide to get his girl back. Once Blondie recorded the song, castle switched the gender so that from:I"m not the sort of guy who gives up similar to thatto:I"m no the kind of girl who provides up just like that
Debbie Harry and also Chris Stein to be both fans of the brother ska renewal band The Specials. Stein revealed to Mojo magazine might 2008 that they asked The Specials to earlier Debbie take care of on "The birds Is High," but they didn"t desire to do it.

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In a 2006 interview with Rolling rock magazine, Sean Lennon said: "My father had an old Wurlitzer in the game room that our home on lengthy Island. It was filled v 45s, mostly Elvis and The Everly Brothers. The one contemporary song ns remember that listening to was "The tide Is High" by Blondie, i beg your pardon he played constantly. When I hear the song, I check out my father, unshaven, his hair pulled back into a ponytail, dance to and also fro in a worn-out pair of denim shorts, with me at his feet, do the efforts my best to coordinate small limbs."

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Anonymous from new Zeal AndUb40 and also blondie would certainly be magic singing with each other that’s what i reckon anywayDrew indigenous Birmingham, AlThe Paragons, who did the original, space Jamaican, as everyone might well have known. It"s interesting to note how much Blondie"s rendition sounds choose a Led Zepp song punny-named turn off Jamaica (D"yer Mak"er). I wonder even if it is Led Zepp intentionally pointed earlier to the Jamaican Paragons and also this track in the subject matter, sequelizing "The birds Is High" with a downer ending. Think around it: if who vowed to end up being someone"s #1, u"d probably ask "So... Did u make her (D"yer Mak"er)?" or miscellaneous to that effect, asking how it went. Led Zepp"s "D"yer Mak"er" is favor a reply saying the it didn"t go together hoped. Someone oughtta make a sequel v a happy ending, considering "The tide Is High" make #1! The shot was called! as soon as Sean Kingston sampled Led Zepp"s "D"yer Mak"er" and also UB40"s "Red Red Wine" into his "Me Love", did he additionally perhaps have actually this track in mind?Mike from san Antonio, TxThe X-pensive Winos was developed in 1987, which means Keith Richards made his variation 7 years after Blondie did.Jack indigenous Newton, MaAfter part research, I wrote up a background of the song (with YouTube clips) tracking it from rocksteady (Paragons) to reggae (Holt, solo) to new Wave (Blondie) to girl tape pop (gag, atomic Kitten) and even to hip hop (Kardinal Offishall).Ian indigenous Nyc, NyI"m morbidly curious. Exactly how did they steal a song from Keith Richards if that didn"t create it? Anyway, any much more details about the insurance claim tht duke Reid created the original? Mchael native Winston-salem, NcApparently Blondie stole this from Keith Richards and also his part-time Stones next band called "The cheap Winos".Joshua native La Crosse, WiThe coolest thing around this song? The chorus has the heat "I"m gonna be your #1" - and also sure enough, the tune did without doubt hit #1 in both the US and UK. Talk around calling her shot!Robert native Puyallup, WaYou want to have fun with this song? song it in a thick Jamaican accent!"I"m keep in mind de kinda blokeWho geeve increase joss prefer dat!Oh no-o-o-o-oh!see more comments
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