Good storytelling means characters aren’t constantly what they an initial appear to be. Yet when the stakes space as high as they room on a supernatural display like True Blood, misjudgments can be deadly. Probably that’s why i can’t decide just how I feel about Warlow, the large bad turned sensitive stud played by Pacific Rim‘s plunder Kazinsky. Or rather, why ns feel guilty admitting I like him as lot as i do. Let’s break it down. Spoiler alert, if girlfriend haven’t seen this week’s episode:

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• Warlow is a killer… but he doesn’t want to be. Yes, the murdered his entire village (save Niall) after ~ Lilith made that the an initial vampire-fairy hybrid. But it’s not like he intended to. He just didn’t yet know just how irresistible fae blood to be to a vampire. Then, right, he did death Sookie’s parents when she was a child — yet that was due to the fact that her father was going come drown her so she wouldn’t flourish up to it is in Warlow’s bride. Why walk he death all the fae in ~ the fairy Moulin Rouge? That’s a tougher sell: he admitted come Sookie in critical night’s episode that when he’s visited her in the past throughout the evening hours, he’s fed forward so the wouldn’t ache her. Was the why they died? I mean you might argue the Warlow turning Niall right into a vampire-fairy hybrid and banishing him to another dimension was less cruel 보다 killing him, and also that Warlow had to do something due to the fact that Niall was determined to damage him. But will Sookie see it that means when she learns about that decision?

• Warlow hates Lilith as much as us do: He eliminated her after the massacred his people due to the fact that he despised what she’d do him. Now, he’s supposedly the only one who can eliminate her again. Question is: If he no the vampire hunger within him therefore much, will certainly he desire ALL vampires gone? us can’t assistance that, and also neither can Sookie as soon as she’s in her ideal mind.

• walk Warlow really love Sookie, or just the idea of Sookie? for this reason let’s say you deserve to forgive Warlow for having actually the idea of an arranged marriage (the contract had been signed in the 1700s, he’s ready to tear it up now). Does that really recognize enough around Sookie come love her, or is he simply stuck on the idea of having a royal fae bride so they have the right to exist on every other’s blood (and reproduce?)…. I think he look at a quality — and also resilience — in Sookie the he responds to. Ns think he’s being as moral as he deserve to be with her now, since he to know that’s what she values most. If he truly loves her though, would certainly he have slept v her in last night’s episode while she was obviously reeling from she father make the efforts to death her again after he took over Lafayette’s body? (Warlow conserved her, and listened as soon as she said him no to death Lafayette since he wasn’t himself.) Granted, Warlow to be tied up once Sookie took off his pants and her apparel (save she boots) and an installed him, and he’s been waiting centuries for her. (Does that mean he hasn’t been with a most other women? Discuss.) however he can have supplied his vampire toughness to buck her off and also waited for the time to be right? Or is the harsh truth that the timing never would certainly be right, Sookie yes, really is a “danger whore,” and also Warlow isn’t redeemable? Poll!


True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made invoice confess come Sookie — who can't check out vampire minds — the he permit her…

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Sookie, Bill, Eric, Lafayette, Sam and the other inhabitants Bon Temps deal with vampires, werkeolistravelservices.comolves, fairies, and also shape-shifters—not to point out romance and drama