Life certain has changed for Bella Thorne because her work on "Shake the Up." also though the star revealed the she and also Zendaya were frequently pitted versus one an additional on the show, they"ve stayed friends and also continued to assistance one an additional in the years since.

Bella"s even recently engaged, in a twisted that many fans didn"t watch coming.

yet thinking ago to her time as CeCe Jones on "Shake the Up," there"s on inquiry fans tho have: what happened to Thorne"s on-screen tiny brother?

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pan of "Shake that Up" will remember Flynn Jones as CeCe"s annoying small brother who had a many potential. Transparent the show, Flynn swooned over Rocky (Zendaya), was BFFs with a child genius, and also even carry out a dance routine.

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So everything happened to Davis Cleveland, the boy behind CeCe"s boy brother?

according to IMDb, Davis quiet acts -- though his gigs space fewer these days than they were when he was a tween actor. After ~ "Shake it Up" ended in 2013, Cleveland had actually a cameo duty on "Rizzoli & Isles," action in a brief film and also two TV movies, and also appeared on a Nickelodeon collection ("Legendary Dudas"). His two TV movies cast him together Jace Norman, the challenge of Nick"s "Henry Danger."

yet his last acting gig remained in 2017, so wherein is Cleveland now?

Davis Cleveland is currently 19 years old, and also he has quite the following lugged over from his Disney/Nickelodeon days. In fact, the young star has over 100K followers on Instagram, which isn"t poor for a son who flourished to reputation at period 11.

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pan haven"t forgotten around his function as Flynn, either, stalking his IG v comments about "Shake the Up." however the actor hasn"t become one more Instagram influencer prefer his former cast mates, nor has actually he make the same headlines together his on-screen big sis.

It also seems prefer Davis runs in his own circles, far from Zendaya and also Bella Thorne"s much more close-knit Hollywood groups. His older IG articles hint at part Nick connections, though.

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What"s yes, really interesting around Davis Cleveland is that Celebrity network Worth insurance claims he has a network worth of about $2 million. While he can"t necessarily compete with Zendaya or Bella Thorne in terms of cash flow, that"s no a bad place to begin as a 19-year-old actor with one hit present under his belt.


Cleveland likewise has part charity job-related under his belt; Celebrity net Worth highlights his authorized in elevating funds because that cystic fibrosis studies, together with other nonprofit work.

He may not be the greatest Disney star, but Cleveland does show up to have actually a glowing future front of him.

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