AsAs Gryffindor Quidditch ace Oliver Wood, Sean Biggerstaff came to be a family members name once the an initial Harry Potter film debuted nearly twenty years ago. Together we lead as much as that all-important anniversary, us chatted to Sean about some that his favourite Wizarding people memories.

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Sean Biggerstaff had actually an absolute sphere playing Oliver wood (pun certain intended) – and also as it’s the take care of Potter and the Philosopher’s stone film’s 20th anniversary, us asked Sean 20 questions around his time functioning on bother Potter, what that feels like to ‘play’ Quidditch – and how he once did a line reading for Tom Riddle, AKA mr Voldemort.

Take a look.

1. Firstly, exactly how does the feel learning Philosopher’s stone came out 20 years ago?

The very first film does in reality feel choose an awfully lengthy time ago. The last film feels like it to be last week, which is yes, really scary, given that i was critical on collection well end a decade ago.

2. And also what is your relationship with the take care of Potter fans two years later?

I’ve probably had more interaction through Potter fans over the last five years 보다 all the preceding years, the demand for cast to appear at occasions all end the civilization having no dimmed in the little – something I’m incredibly grateful for however still quite baffled by. It’s tough for me to understand that endure from the various other side yet it’s always lovely once you have the right to see that simply saying hello has completely made a kid’s day.

3. What to be the moment for you throughout Philosopher’s stone where you realised this movie to be going to it is in a huge deal?

It taken place in a couple of stages, prefer seeing the main sets, or as soon as the first packages of fan mail started arriving at mine house prior to we’d even finished filming, yet it was only once I gained out of the automobile in Leicester Square at the an initial premiere that ns really taken the scale of what was happening. And also even then, I could never have guessed the the level of interest would be continual for the following two decades (and counting).

4. You’re recognized as a sportsman in the harry Potter films – those your relationship with sports in real life?

Well, right now it’s non-existent together an old ago injury has flared up something terrible! in the history I’ve to be pretty athletic, but in a very different way from Oliver Wood. I’m a cyclist – 1st Under 14 in the Scottish roadway Race Championships in 1996! - and also a martial artist to part degree. I’ve never had any interest in team sphere games, yet if there yes, really was one wherein you can fly, that might be different…

5. What is your favourite Wizarding world memory?

Impossible to narrow it down to one. In general, mine favourite memories aren’t from the few scenes that i was heavily associated in – that was too much like tough work – castle from just being in that people for all that time, seeing every the amazing sets that were built, watching few of the biggest actors in the world do your thing, watching incredible stunts being filmed etc.

6. Girlfriend revealed freshly that you originally auditioned to be Percy – room you happy girlfriend landed through Oliver?

Yes and no. Percy would’ve been a lot of fun, more of a stretch, and I’d have actually been in much more movies! however I was hardly going come argue as soon as they claimed I was much more suited come Wood, and also I had an absolute ball playing him. I’ve never known a big blockbuster to obtain so much specific praise from doubters for the casting. I reckon castle knew what they were doing.

7. Besides Percy, what other personalities do you think that would’ve been exciting to play?

I would have actually loved to have played Tom Riddle, especially due to the fact that I sort of did: Christian Coulson hadn’t signed ~ above yet when we had the read through for Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets and also David heyman asked me to check out in. That was a many fun.

8. Carry out you still continue to be in touch with any type of of the cast?

Yes, Christian Coulson for one! There’s nobody I view in the meat on a continuous basis, simply due to the fact that we all live in different countries, however I still talk to a many folk and see lock at occasions all end the place. The critical TV project I did prior to the pandemic to be a thing about Orson Welles v Robbie Coltrane.

9. And also what actors execute you remember working through the many on set? any kind of starstruck moments?

By much the many intimidating star quality on the harry Potter set was that of Alan Rickman, and I’d currently known him for years because he command me in The Winter Guest, so the was ok...more or less! A many of world seem terrified of Maggie Smith however I always found her really approachable. Most of my scenes were through Harry himself and Dan was an absolute happiness to work-related with.

10. If you can have one spell or one form of magic that you could use in day-to-day life, what would you pick?

Flying, because that sure.


11. Why perform you think human being still love take care of Potter every these years later?

The truth that world love it provides sense come me – it’s a wonderfully lively fantasy universe – however the sheer range of its success isn’t something I totally understand. I just really involved know what bother Potter was from the within of the behemoth, and also I uncover it difficult to imagine what I’d think around it every if i was only ever before looking in native the outside. I recognize what it means to me, however that’s obviously different.

12. As soon as was the last time you watched the first film? What’s her impression that watching it now?

Honestly? The last time ns watched it to be at the Scottish premiere top top November 5th 2001! I almost never watch points that i’m in. As soon as I’ve checked out snippets the it, I’ve thought that it’s aged remarkably well for something that had actually cutting edge visual results for that time, and I quiet think chris Columbus gets much too small credit for just how perfectly that recreated that human being on the screen.

13. Let’s speak Quidditch! Oliver wood is a the Quidditch captain for Gryffindor – just how was the filming those famous flying scenes?

Long, boring and also physically uncomfortable! It’s type of a general preeminence that the more spectacular what you’re putting on the screen is, the an ext laborious the process is. Quidditch connected 12-hour days sit on a stick in the waiting in front of a blue screen to gain a few seconds of perfect footage.

They only gained round come making the broomsticks comfortable after ~ I’d left! The minute where I finally had a yes, really visceral suffer of flying end the Quidditch pitch come the same means it go for countless others: walk on the hogwart ride in ~ the Wizarding world of bother Potter in Florida. The was yes, really something.

14. If the Wizarding civilization was real, and also you might have any type of magical profession, what would you pick? Or would certainly you it is in a Quidditch player like Oliver Wood?

Probably something yes, really undignified in sorcerer’s terms, like being the Muggle world’s biggest magician.

15. Were you a pan of the take care of Potter books? carry out you have a favourite publication or film?

I just started reading them once I was asked come audition because that the films, yet I walk really enjoy them, yeah. Mine favourite book was Harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire and also my favourite film was Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows part 1.

16. Is there a particular Wizarding people moment from as soon as you were functioning on the movies that still sticks out?

The very first DVD start was in reality staged on communication 9(3/4) at king Cross, and also the actors arrived ~ above the train. I’ll never ever forget passing v north London stations in the evening rush hour, and also the encounters of all the commuters as the personalities from take care of Potter waved at them native the actual hogwart Express.

17.Harry had Ron & Hermione. I m sorry two civilization would you ask to help you defeat lord Voldemort? (They deserve to be civilization in her life, characters from bother Potter – or famous/fictional people!)

Severus Snape and my pal Kev.

18. What would certainly be her Boggart? (AKA – the creature that turns right into your greatest fear?)

Probably a Boggart. Wrap your head approximately that.

19. What was her proudest moment playing Oliver Wood?

I am consistently asked how we did the little where i’m wrestling the Bludger ago into the box, and also I gain answering that it was nothing however mime! every those years of drama gamings at youth theatre weren’t wasted, it turns out.

20. And also finally, we just must recognize your Hogwarts home – or the home you many relate to.

I walk the test, and also I obtained Gryffindor. Obviously.

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