Actor, director, producer Howard Morris dies at 85Ernest T. Bass, Atom Ant and also more Prolific actor, writer, director and producer Howard Morris passed away on Saturday, may 21, at period 85. Morris’ son David announced his father’s passing digital at www.ernestt.com, a website committed to Ernest T. Bass, the eccentric, hill-dwelling bumpkin Morris play in five episodes the The Andy Griffith Show in 1963 and also ’64. In a post to his father’s fans, David Morris wrote, “All I can really say now is that I miss him beyond words.” In enhancement to his performance as the rock-throwing rube Bass, i beg your pardon earned Morris legions of devotees, that amassed an ext than 150 memorable film and also television credits, both in former of and also behind the camera, in a career that spanned more than 50 years. He had actually dozens of acting roles, did voice-over work-related for countless cartoons, created for two series and command both function films and also episodic television. Although he is frequently connected with the rural southern thanks to his association with The Andy Griffith Show (of which he directed illustration in addition to playing Bass), Morris was a city boy through and also through. Born September 4, 1919, in the Bronx, he grew up in brand-new York, where he arisen an interest in performing at a young age. As a teenager the attended the nationwide Youth Administration’s radio workshop, wherein met Carl Reiner, through whom the reconnected during civilization War II, as soon as Morris was Reiner’s sergeant in a Honolulu-based entertain unit. During the war, Morris and Reiner showed up in army productions of the classic Shakespeare tragedies Hamlet and Macbeth. When the war ended, Morris and Reiner were cast in the touring musical Call Me Mister, after i m sorry they joined Sid Caesar’s standard television comedy Your display of Shows. In 1961, Morris relocated to Los Angeles, wherein he established himself together an actor through guest point out on such TV shows, as The Twilight Zone, Wanted: Dead or Alive and Make Room for Daddy, and as a director of together 1960s collection as The penis Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., Hogan’s Heroes and Get Smart. Morris additionally maintained a movie career, through acting functions in such films as The Nutty Professor, Way…Way Out, High Anxiety and The history of the World: part 1 (the latter two that which were written and directed by his onetime Show that Shows colleague Mel Brooks). He additionally directed the movies Who’s Minding the Mint?, With six You gain Eggroll and Don’t Drink the Water. At the exact same time, Morris was one of the busiest voice performers in the computer animation business. A partial list of his cartoon credits has episodes that Beetle Bailey, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Archie, Magilla Gorilla, Peter Potamus and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Among his signature characters were Atom Ant, Jughead Jones and Gopher from several Disney-produced Winnie the Pooh productions. On February 27, 2004, Howard Morris was interviewed by the television Academy"s save on computer of American tv for one hour and also a fifty percent in Los Angeles. He spoke around his job-related as a regular with Sid Caesar top top television’s Admiral Broadway Revue, Your present of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. He summary chronicled his occupational as a manager in collection television, features and commercials, and discussed his voice-over work in animation. Morris likewise talked enthusiastically about playing Ernest T. Bass. Over 2 dozen picture accompanied the interview, including images from such series as Your display of Shows, The Andy Griffith Show, The penis Van Dyke Show and also The Lucy Show.

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The entire Howard Morris interview might be screened in ~ the archive workplaces at the television Academy in north Hollywood. For much more information about this interview, or around the archive of American Television, contact (818) 509-2260.