I’m one of the plenty of suckers who shelled out this week for the astonishingly incoherent Pirates that the Carribean flick. Of all the eggregious plotholes had therein, the greatest was what occurred to Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris) after she turned into Calypso and also became a 50-foot-tall giant. She released and filled with an excellent power, and also <…>

I'm one of the countless suckers who shelled out this week because that the astonishingly incoherent Pirates the the Carribean flick. Of every the eggregious plotholes contained therein, the greatest was what happened to Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris) ~ she turned right into Calypso and also became a 50-foot-tall giant. She's released and also filled with good power, and just turns into a bunch the crabs? Or she start the maelstrom for some reason? Fans room so perplexed by the botched dialogue and storyline that they've also turned come Yahoo! answers for aid -- one human being asks what Calypso said after she became giant (somebody replies, "I can swear she said 'fuck friend all!'," i m sorry is type of the an easy message the film ceded to that is audience in mine opinion).

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Another human asks "What taken place to Tia Dalma?" and favorites the price "Tia was set free. And Davy Jones died. For this reason no ns don't think they ended up together." Huh? now I'm even more confused. Davy Jones was currently dead! and also wasn't the yelling "Calypsoooooooooooooooo!" when he fell into the maelstrom? (The maelstrom was my favorite character in the movie, through the way, since it looked great and had depth.) Meanwhile, over at Rotten Tomatoes, the forum thread referred to as "Davy Jones/Tia Dalma . . . You re welcome explain!"says that all. And of food you can find out everything on the LiveJournal Tia Dalma pan community, wherein one topic is (of course) Tia/Davy fanfic.

Also, what taken place to the subplot wherein the horribly misused Chow Yun-Fat, play Captain Sao Feng, decided Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly) to be Calysto? That, as they say, is an additional thread.

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