Jim, Huck’s companion as he travels down the river, isa guy of impressive intelligence and also compassion. At very first glance,Jim seems to it is in superstitious come the allude of idiocy, however a carefulreading of the time that Huck and also Jim invest on Jackson’s Islandreveals that Jim’s superstitions conceal a deep expertise of thenatural world and also represent an alternate kind of “truth” or intelligence.Moreover, Jim has one of the few healthy, functioning family members inthe novel. Return he has actually been separated from his wife and also children,he misses castle terribly, and it is just the assumed of a permanentseparation indigenous them that encourages his criminal action of runningaway from miss Watson. Top top the river, Jim becomes a surrogate father,as well together a friend, come Huck, taking treatment of the without being intrusive orsmothering. He cooks because that the boy and also shelters him from few of theworst horrors that they encounter, including the sight of Pap’s corpse,and, for a time, the news of his father’s passing.

Some readers have actually criticized Jim as being also passive,but the is essential to remember the he stays at the mercy ofevery other character in this novel, including even the poor, thirteen-year-old Huck,as the letter that Huck virtually sends to miss out on Watson demonstrates.Like Huck, Jim is realistic around his situation and also must discover waysof accomplishing his objectives without occurs the wrath of thosewho can turn him in. In this position, that is hardly ever able come act boldlyor speak his mind. Nonetheless, regardless of these restrictions and also constantfear, Jim consistently acts as a noble human being being and a faithful friend.In fact, Jim might be described as the only real adult in the novel,and the only one who provides a positive, respectable instance forHuck to follow.

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