Your Montgomery Ward Sewing an equipment may not be a Montgomery Ward machine. The is since it was always made by another agency and Montgomery Ward simply slapped their names top top it. Come keep prices down, they simply bought their machines from a manufacturer no matter where they were located

How old is mine Montgomery Ward sewing machine? The answer come that inquiry will count on what the serial number under the device helps rotate up. For version # UGH-1335A you are looking at more than likely a 65-year-old an equipment that may still job-related like a charm.

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To get the rest of the information on Montgomery Ward (MH) sewing machines, just continue to read our article. The is tough to gain updates on devices that were badged by different retailers together they to be made by different manufacturers.

Montgomery Ward Sewing machine 101
Who produced Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines?
Montgomery Ward Sewing an equipment Timeline
Montgomery Ward Sewing device 1980
Sewing an equipment Model 1984
Wards Signature Sewing Machine
Signature Sewing machine Value
Where to uncover an MW Sewing Machine?
Some last Words

Who manufactured Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines?


One that the very first sewing devices marketed through MH was the old Foley and also Williams sewing maker that started producing castle in the 19th century. This was no a pre-MH device as that agency was created in 1872.

The an equipment called the Oakland was sold for a chuck $8.75 in 1913. Problem at the agency had the restructured and also renamed as the Goodrich Sewing an equipment company. MH did no stock this device in that is stores yet had them delivered when an order was made.

At the same time, the nationwide Sewing an equipment Company sent far better sewing equipments to MH starting in 1889 and continued increase till it went out of organization in the late 50s. In the early 20th century these equipments sold for about $15 come $30 depending upon the version you wanted to buy.

At this time MW visited the Japanese manufacturers who were able to create thousands of different models and also brand names at really reduced prices. The is an overwhelming to trace precisely where the firm got its machines as the Japanese did not preserve a the majority of their records for your sales.

The store finally closed in 2001 and also all its assets were sold off.

Montgomery Ward Sewing an equipment 1980


If you can discover one girlfriend may have a very great machine on your hands. Lock were fine built and 1984 may have been a component of MW’s signature line. That meant that the an equipment was of higher quality than some of the various other ones MW offered in the 1960s come the 1980s.

This specific model may have been do by a Japanese company called Happy. Yet it might have likewise been made in Taiwan once that country was among the cheaper places to get items made.

Happy was and may still be a large manufacturing plant in Japan and started its service relationship v MW in 1955. The 1984model is a an excellent example of Japanese simplicity coupled v North American need for convenience.

Every dial, lever, and switch space in very great locations and the an equipment was simple to take care of while sewing. Since of the Japanese connection and the truth that MW went out of service almost twenty years ago, the 1984 may not have actually a lot of spare parts available.

Wards Signature Sewing Machine


The model UHT J277 is still accessible through different collectors and also sewing enthusiasts, you space taking your opportunities on what kind of form it is in. The one we observed came in one avocado color that might not be very appealing however it is in good shape.

The Ward’s Signature series was claimed to be the high-end model that the MW sewing machine line. Castle were put together with better parts and also components do them last a lengthy time.

You should be able to get among the owner’s, instruction or organization manuals today. Just click here to walk to the website that carries a multitude the sewing machine manuals and click top top the MW buttons.

To see the diagrams because that the model 276 signature series just click on this link. If girlfriend are searching for usable spare components it might be best to walk to eBay and also do a find there. It seems that there are many older components for revenue on that outlet’s website.

Of course, like many sewing machines, it was hit and also miss as to the high quality of the machine. The signature collection may have been created by the Japanese company only ~ 1955.

Signature Sewing maker Value

If you room thinking of investing in old signature sewing makers as a money-making opportunity, you can forget about that idea. These old devices do not and also did not host their value.

Since they were clones the other machines made by a Japanese company, these sewing devices were never really viewed as a must-have sewing machine. EBay has actually one for around $126 yet it runs and comes with several accessories.

Other machines put on the outlet have a price tags of around $40. The price put it ideal in the center of the going value for Signature sewing machines. If you desire a functioning one, you would be looking at paying between $25 and also $50.

It is walking to have to be one exception maker to be priced higher than the figure.

Where to uncover an MW Sewing Machine?

Since the agency has been the end of business since 2001 that is going to it is in a little daunting to discover these machines. The reality that they space a Japanese hit off and possibly a clone of a Singer model, the worth of these equipments is not organized in high regard.

Their longevity is in doubt as well, even though there have actually been times once the MW sewing machine has lasted for 40 50 years. Not all to be so lucky. One place to look because that an MW sewing machine would be eBay. There are parts and machines noted there right now.

Your ideal bet would be garden sales, heritage sales, and second-hand stores together there room far far better quality makers out there 보다 the MW brand.

Some last Words

The age of the Montgomery Ward sewing machine is going come start about age 20 and also grow older native there. Since the agency went the end of business at the revolve of the century you will not find any kind of younger models.

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Like all sewing an equipment brands, girlfriend can find some older ones that won’t quit working however those might be few and much in between.