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Beowulf encounters his final an obstacle with as lot courage as he ever before did at any other point in his life, but he no doubt would have failed if it weren"t for the loyalty of his bravest companion, Wiglaf. As beowulf fights the dragon, fire raging roughly them, the is clear...

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Beowulf encounters his final difficulty with as lot courage as he ever before did at any kind of other point in his life, yet he no doubt would have actually failed if that weren"t because that the loyalty of his bravest companion, Wiglaf. As beowulf fights the dragon, fire raging about them, that is clean to the king"s host of companions the Beowulf just possesses a portion of his previous strength. Fearing because that their very own lives, they begin to flee.

Steadfast Wiglaf is the just one who rushes to Beowulf"s aid when the is bitten ~ above the neck by the dragon. This is especially brave since not just are Beowulf"s attacks proving useless, however he has just broken his sword. Wiglaf stabs the dragon in the belly, weakening the beast enough for beowulf to floor a death stroke through his dagger. Despite his wounds are fatal, beo wolf is pleased that he has earned a hefty fortune for his people and dies contented.

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beo wolf defeats the dragon in the many heroic and the most Christian manner possible: by sacrificing himself for his people. Unequal Hrothgar at the start of the poem, Beowulf has actually no younger hero come send out to fight the biology on his behalf. Return Wiglaf wounds the dragon for this reason severely that beowulf is may be to death it with his knife, it is through no method clear that Wiglaf alone would have actually been maybe to achieve this feat.

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The bard"s track in component I the the poem foreshadows Beowulf"s death, as does his very own sense the foreboding in ~ the method of the dragon. Together a king and also a hero, however, the goes willingly come his fatality to safeguard his people and does no linger on as king when he is also weak to defend them. That is this selfless vessel that permits Beowulf to kill the dragon. The hero has dominated the most simple animal instinct—that that self-preservation—and changed it through a feeling of duty.