In a rigid poem, the entity telling the story is referred to as the narrator. The narrator is various from the author, in the the author is the real person who created the poem, while the narrator is a fictional reality that "lives inside" the poem. Together such, author and narrator deserve to be completely different "people".

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Is there an equivalent term to describe the character who "speaks" in a lyric poem? for example, in Shakespeare"s Sonnet 18:

Shall i compare thee to a summer"s day?

What do you contact the "I" that wonders even if it is he should compare his lover come a summer"s day?



Quoting from here:


Persona as a literature term refers to the narrator or speak of the poem, no to be puzzled with the author — a rigid voice various other than the poet speak the entire poem. Once the poet create a character to be the speaker, the character is referred to as the persona and also the poet imagines what the is prefer to get in someone else’s personality. A good example of this is in Robert Browning’s “My last Duchess”, whereby the persona is the duke of Ferrara.

The term speaker is perhaps more appropriate as soon as referring to a poem, together a narrator might be perplexed with either the human interpreting the poem, or the narrator the a novel. However, it always depends on exactly how you intended to usage the term.



The ax is narrator. Girlfriend don"t need to look any further than that.

From NOAD:

narrator |ˈnarātər| noun a person who narrates something, esp. A character who recounts the events of a novel or narrative poem.

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Sometimes civilization will refer to "the poet," yet that is not really accurate, because the poem might not be intended to be talked from the really poet"s perspective, however instead by a personality or voice the poet creates. Periodically the voice or personality is described as "the speaker," especially in the instance of dramatic monologues (e.g., Browning"s "My last Duchess").


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