The sacrament of confirmation is typically administered bythe bishop. Because that weighty reasons whennecessary, the bishop can also delegate a priest to perform it. In peril of death, any kind of priest deserve to administerConfirmation. <1312-1314>

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Photo: ….. Bishop WilliamPatrick O’Connor of the superior Diocese in Wisconsin confirmed me in thesummer that 1942 at age 12. Go the bishopget it right? I’ve never turned mine backon my Catholic faith. BishopO’Connor go on to become the very first bishop that the Diocese the Madison.

In the East, ordinarily the priest that baptizes additionally immediatelyconfers confirmation in one and also the very same celebration. But he does so withsacred chrism consecrated through the patriarch or the bishop, hence expressing theapostolic unit of the Church who bonds room strengthened by the sacrament ofConfirmation. In the Latin Church, the same discipline applies to the Baptismof adult or come the agree into complete communion with the Church of a personbaptized in another Christian community that go not have valid Confirmation. (compare Codex Iuris Canonici,Can. 883 § 2)131–Catechism the the Catholic Church, second Edition
…….1313In the Latin Rite, theordinary minister of confirmation is the bishop.(compare Codex Iuris Canonici,Can. 882)132 If the need arises, the bishop might grantthe faculty of administering confirmation to priests,(compare Codex Iuris Canonici,Can. 884 § 2)133 although that is fitting the he confer the himself, mindful thatthe celebration event of Confirmation has been temporally separated native Baptism forthis reason. Bishops room the successors of the apostles. They have actually received thefullness the the sacrament of divine Orders. The administration of this sacramentby castle demonstrates clearly that its effect is to hold together those who receive itmore very closely to the Church, to her apostolic origins, and to she mission ofbearing witness to Christ. –CCC
…….1314If aChristian is in risk of death, any kind of priest can offer him Confirmation. (compare Codex Iuris Canonici,Can. 883 § 3)134 certainly the Church desires the none ofher children, even the youngest, must depart this people without having actually beenperfected by the holy Spirit with the gift that Christ"s fullness. --CCC
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