Pete Wentz is an American rockstar mostly known for his job-related with the band loss Out Boy. The team is recognized for famous songs such together Centuries, Uma Thurman, mine Songs know What friend Did in the Dark (Light Em Up), and Immortals among others.

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Pete Wentz's family and background

The rockstar to be born in Wilmette, Illinois, Chicago. Pete Wentz parents, Dale Lewis and also Pete Wentz II, functioned as a high college admissions counsellor and an attorney, respectively.

A funny fact around the star is that he is fifty percent black and not Caucasian together most civilization believe. Amid the #BlackLivesMatter protests and also campaigns at this time going on in America and also all end the world, countless Pete Wentz fall Out guys fans were surprised to find out the he is biracial.

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While his father is the German and English ancestry, Pete Wentz mom is the Afro-Jamaican descent. Part fans were rapid to point at how because he can conveniently pass as white, the star has actually gone with life with white privilege.

Others, on the various other hand, defended him by stating that the rockstar has always been criticized because that embracing his black color side and also roots.


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The celebrity is the eldest of three children. Pete Wentz siblings room Andrew & Hillary Wentz.

Height and also body measurements

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In loss Out boy Pete Wentz dram the bass and provides backup vocals for the command singer. The group was developed in Wilmette, Illinois, Chicago in 2011.

Other than Pete, other autumn Out boy members are:

Patrick Stump - lead vocalist and also rhythm guitaristJoe Trohman - lead guitaristAndy Hurley - Drummer

Did Pete Wentz leave autumn Out Boy? No, he did not.

However, autumn Out young took a hiatus indigenous 2009 to 2013. The bassist to be the only one that did not want to take a break.


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At the time, his relationship with Ashlee Simpson was almost everywhere the tabloids. That felt this overshadowed the band's efforts and also that he had let the team down.

Dating background and married life

Like numerous high-profile musicians, the celebrity's dating life has actually been a topic of discussion and sometimes a resource of scrutiny. Below are every the women that the star has been linked to since 2003.

Jeanae White

The 2 dated for around three years, native 2003 to 2006. After ~ they broke up, fall Out young released the album take This To her Grave.

Many fans assumed the the album's song were around the star's connection with White. Some sources case that at the time they to be dating, Jeanae was underage, at about 15 -17 year old.

Michelle Trachtenberg

The American actress and the rockstar dated for a couple of months in 2006. In July 2011, the two sparked dating rumours when they were spotted grabbing coffee together.


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Ashlee Simpson Ross

The two were first spotted together at a MisShapes job Day party in brand-new York City in September 2006. In April 2008, after almost two year of dating, the love bird announced that they to be engaged.

A little over a month later, top top 17th may 2008, Ashley ended up being Pete Wentz wife. The couple exchanged wedding vows in Ashlee's parents Encino home and also her father, Joe, officiated the non-denominational ceremony.

Sadly, the marital relationship was not expected to last. After practically three year of marriage, Simpson filed for divorce on 8th February 2011.

Years later, loss Out boy Pete Wentz opened up up about their divorce. He asserted that the hiatus the his tape was ~ above at the moment took a toy fee on him and he spiralled.

He likewise believes that they to be both rather young, making that harder come sustain a marriage. Their divorce was finalized in November 2011.

Pete Wentz girlfriend is a model, and also the two started dating in so late 2011 and have now been with each other for almost nine years. As soon as asked whether he will marry Meagan, the rocker said they room not in any type of rush come tie the knot.

...the relationship and commitment and also responsibility we have to each other and to our children is so lot bigger(than a wedding)— it's a life time thing.

Who space Pete Wentz kids?

The fall Out young band member has actually three children: a kid from his marriage to Simpson and also a son and daughter with existing girlfriend Meagan Camper.

As of 2020, Pete Wentz network worth is around $16 million. Fall Out young was among the most renowned American rock bands that the 2000s and also early 2010s. As result of the success that this band, the singer has actually amassed a lot of wealth.

He additionally earns money native DCD2 Records. Wentz and his bandmate very own this document label.

DCD2 Records has signed famous rock bands such together Panic! at the Disco and also Gym course Heroes. Castle have additionally worked through Tyga and Cobra Starship.

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Pete Wentz has an incredibly successful career, a great co-parenting partnership with Ashlee, and is currently living a watch happy life v Meagan and their children.