The beloved wife of classic country music star Mickey Gilley has actually passed away at the age of 80 year old after a serious health and wellness battle.

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Mickey Gilley and his wife, Vivian Gilley, to be married for an ext than 55 years prior to her happen on Friday, December 13th, 2019. Throughout their time together, Vivian held a significant role in she husband’s career as his manager for part time – and later, she ran your honky-tonk club in Pasadena, Texas.

In 2018, after being diagnosed through Alzheimer’s in the years prior, Vivian was relocated to a care facility as the impacts of the problem grew worse.

Together, Vivian and also Mickey Gilley welcomed one son into the world, Gregory.

Nearly 2 years ago, Gilley self was injured in a terrifying automobile accident the he was happy to walk far from with simply a few broken bones and scrapes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gilley family members as lock mourn the pass of your beloved Vivian.

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Watch the clip listed below from Urban Cowboy which featured their very own honky-tonk bar, Gilley’s Club.

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