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During her heyday, Lita was a force to be reckoned through in the WWE scene. The red-headed beauty might charm folks through her smile however crush opponents v her fists. There’s no doubt about it: Lita is among the most iconic WWE divas of all time.

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She may not have uncovered the fairly the same success in the ring that women’s department opponents prefer Trish Stratus and Mickie James did, however Lita (whose genuine name is Amy Dumas) won 4 WWE Women’s Championships during her wrestles career. From learning the sport in Mexico and also debuting in the human being Wrestling Federation alongside Essa Rios to she time regulating The hardy Boyz and also on-screen connection storylines through Kane and Edge, Lita absolutely knew just how to acquire wrestling fans invested.

Lita’s WWE career lasted around six years, however she’s operated in some capacity because that the organization since and even been ago in the ring in the years adhering to her retirement. As a WWE room of Famer, her name currently carries the very same weight as part the best superstars in WWE history like Stratus, James, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly and also Torrie Wilson.

Twenty years after her WWF/WWE debut, Lita is quiet the tattooed goddess you remember. Unsurprisingly, she just can’t permit wrestling go.

Lita’s early Life

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Lita’s actual name is Amy Christine Dumas. She was born in fort Lauderdale, Florida, yet attended high college in Atlanta. In 1993, she dropped the end of college at Georgia State University, a relocate that would eventually pay off for the future WWE superstar.

Wrestling an initial piqued her attention after city hall Mexican-American luchador Rey Mysterio Jr. Top top an illustration of people Championship Wrestling’s Monday Nitro. Soon after, she packed her bags because that Mexico in 1997 come learn more about wrestling.

Lita started wrestling in the elevation circuit in the so late 1990s, i m sorry is as soon as she met Jeff Hardy and also Matt Hardy, a duo the she would certainly eventually manage as The continuous Boyz. ~ a short stint with too much Championship wrestling (ECW) in 1999, she to be signed come the civilization Wrestling Federation (which came to be the WWE in 2002).

Lita’s WWE Career

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She debuted because that WWF in 2000 alongside Essa Rios in Sunday Night Heat, however it wasn’t until she join Team Xtreme AKA The hardy Boyz that Lita gained a large following. When her other female counterparts to be accustomed to wearing as little as possible, Lita frequently wore baggy pants v a thong hiked approximately her belly button.


Trish Stratus was conveniently Lita’s best rival throughout her career. The storyline started when Stratus, the manager the T & A (Test and also Albert) began feuding with Lita in 2000. That resulted in epic matches favor the Raw main event tag team complement in which Lita and The Rock beat Stratus and Triple H.

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It wasn’t until August 21, 2000, the Lita won her very first WWE Women’s Championship when she moonsaulted Stephanie McMahon in the main occasion of Raw is War. As component of The invasion in 2001, Lita and her rival Stratus teamed as much as take under Keibler and Wilson in what ended up being known as the “bra and panties match.”

Lita’s on-screen relationship were well-known. She already began dating Matt Hardy in 1999 prior to they turned your real-life relationship into a windy storyline. The continuous Boyz disbanded following a loss come the Undertaker and also after Lita’s neck surgical procedure in 2002. Matt relocated to Smackdown while she returned to WWE and also had on-screen relationships v wrestlers prefer Kane, Christian and also Edge, the last of i m sorry joined she for a “Live Sex Celebration” WWE raw segment in 2006 the was a experienced wrestling ratings hit.

The last complement of Lita’s career before retiring in 2006 came at Survivor Series. She shed to Mickie James and also then Cryme Tyme sold all of her items as part of a “ho sale.”