Last to update on September 25th, 2021 in ~ 06:17 amRobert Irvine is a British-American celebrity chef and former server in ~ the royal Yacht. He is frequently known as the hold of assorted shows, namely ‘Dinner: Impossible’ and also ‘Restaurant: Impossible.Besides, the is likewise a fitness expert and also author. Let’s acquire to know much more about Robert Irvine below.

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Robert Irvine rapid Facts

Birthday: September 24, 1965Birthplace: new Orleans, Louisiana, USAAge: 56 year OldZodiac: LibraHeight: 5 feet and also 10 inchesParents: N/ASiblings: 3Relationship Status: MarriedPartner: Gail Kim (present) and also Karen (Former)Children: Annalisa Irvine and Talia IrvineNet Worth: $20 million

Robert Irvine Age, Family

Chef Robert Irvine was born ~ above September 24, 1965, in Salisbury, England. Together of 2021, that is 56 years old.Also, his zodiac sign is Libra.Furthermore, he holds a British-American nationality.Talking about his family, Robert has actually not disclosed information regarding them to the public.However, reportedly, Irvine’s father did not support his decision to seek a career as a chef.Similarly, Irvine has actually a full of three siblings: a brother and also two sisters. Suggested Read: Norah O’Donnell’s famed Chef Husband Geoff Tracey, accomplish Him!


There’s not lot known about his beforehand education background, however he was a trainee in the UK’s imperial Navy because that a year.Regarding his university-level education, he joined Leeds University and also graduated through a level in Food and Nutrition.However, the really year that his education is unknown.Suggested Read: Christina Tosi mam of famous Restauranter will Guidara, network Worth In 2021

First marital relationship With mam Karen Irvine

Robert had previously been married come Karen Irvine. She actual profession stayed oblivious to the general public.Therefore, a majority of Robert’s fans identify her as the ex-wife of Robert.Similarly, Karen’s details isn’t the only thing the Robert preserved away indigenous prying eyes.Robert and also Karen managed to store the yes, really details regarding their wedding and marriage life unknown come the public.Moreover, they have two beautiful daughters together. They are Annalisa Irvine and also Talia Irvine. 
Robert Irvine’s daughters Annalisa Irvine and Talia Irvine. (Talia/Instagram)Later, they gained divorced, yet the actual reason is still unknown to us.Suggested Read: Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews – she’s Famous!

Second marital relationship With mam Gail Kim-Irvine

As of today, Robert is married to Gail Kim-Irvine, who is a retired wrestler and also model. The pair met each other while Robert was working on the display ‘Dinner: Impossible.’Both of lock felt the attraction and also began talking and eventually began seeing every other.Later, the pair got engaged in may 2011.Robert Irvine and Gail Kim married each other on may 10, 2011.
Robert Irvine with his mam Gail Kim on their wedding day. (Gail/Instagram)Additionally, Gail share beautiful moments of she wedding on their anniversary every year. When it involved wedding preparations, Gail left all responsibilities on she husband. Mostly since Robert want to give Kim a fairy story wedding.Besides, Gail seems to have a solid bond with Robert’s mother and also kids. The pair currently lives a really healthy lifestyle. If Robert handle the health part in the kitchen, Gail handle it in the gym.Suggested Read: Ryan Cohen Age, Wife, Married, net Worth

Who Is Irvine’s Wife, Gail Kim?

Gail Kim throughout her WWE wrestles days. (Gail/Instagram)Gail Kim was born top top February 20, 1977, in Toronto, Canada. When she is Canadian through nationality, Kim originates from a oriental descent background.Gail Kim is 44 year old today and her zodiac authorize is Pisces.As the October 2017, Gail holds double citizenship, one of her birthplace Canada and also the other of United states of America.While most people know Gail together Robert’s wife, she has actually her own image, and she’s pretty renowned too.As discussed earlier, Gail Kim is a retired WWE wrestler. Now, that’s an understatement.Kim go by her WWE phase name “La Felina” and also wreaked havoc inside the ring. It is a great thing because that a wrestler’s career, friend see.After signing v WWE, Kim winner a championship match, making her the first WWE Diva to carry out so.The exact same kind the success favored her once Kim joined total Nonstop activity in 2005. Eventually, people started calling she title-grabber.One of her significant achievements is when she won 7 Knockout Championships and also held the location for practically two years.Suggested Read: George Farmer Age, Height, Candace Owens, Wife, network Worth

Early Career

Robert began his career best after perfect his culinary maintain in the UK’s royal Navy. Eventually, he was selected to serve at she Majesty’s imperial Yacht Britannia for a time duration of 10 years. After the imperial yacht, he started working together a consultant in Bali and Ho Chi Minh City.During their early career, Irvine additional served as executive chef in assorted cruise ships and hotels favor MS crystal Harmony and also Trump Taj Mahal (now tough Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City).Suggested Read: Stacie Zabka & Her wealthy Life through Husband wilhelm Zabka

Television Career

Irvine started his television career as a host with the Food Network show ‘Dinner: Impossible.’ He hosted the first four seasons of the show (2007-2008)In 2007, Robert made his illustration in a one-of-a-kind episode of ‘Iron chef America.’ Irvine additionally appeared together a guest referee in an illustration of ‘The following Food Network Star.’Eventually, he went back to job-related in ‘Dinner: Impossible’ in 2009 from the 6th to 8th season. After the finish of ‘Dinner: Impossible,’ he functioned as the hold of ‘Worst Cooks in America’ in 2011.Moreover, he started hosting a collection called ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ in 2011. The exact same year that participated in the fourth season of ‘The following Iron Chef.’In 2013, he showed up as one anchor in the collection ‘Restaurant Express’, and also in September 2016, he held ‘The Robert Irvine Show’ for two seasons.Later in 2019, ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ made its return with two seasons of their new series ‘Restaurant: Impossible: Revisited’ where Robert payment a visit to restaurants and also talks to owners concerning their progress.As that today, he is working in ‘Dinner: Impossible’ ~ the collection returned withfour4 new episodes on march 21, 2021.

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Restaurants and Other Works

Besides, he started ‘Robert Irvine Food’ which concentrates on a nutritious heat of food products.Furthermore, Irvine also established ‘The Robert Irvine Foundation’ come honor and support the united state Military.Later, in might 2016, his totally free digital publication introduced ‘Robert Irvine Magazine’ whose key motive to be to focus on healthy and balanced recipes, fitness, and also life advice/success advice from celebrities.Additionally, he has actually opened two restaurants, ‘Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine’ and also Robert Irvine’s public House.Moreover, he ended up being a co-owner that Boardroom Spirits.He has also established himself together the writer of various books like ‘Mission: Cook,’ ‘Impossible come Easy,’ life Your finest Life,’ and also ‘Family Table.’

Net Worth

After combining every one of Robert’s sources of income as a peak celebrity chef, his net worth is approximated to amass $20 million in 2021.

Robert Irvine Age