As the only child that Jimmy Swaggart, the shamed televangelist mogul, Donnie Swaggart had a huge burden top top his shoulders once his father “took a break” from leading Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and also the household Worship facility Church.

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Between running an evangelist empire, traveling the world, elevating a huge family, and acting as co-pastor in ~ the family members Worship Center—Donnie Swaggart has a lot of on his plate.

The beginning Story

Donnie was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ~ above October 10, 1952.

As the just child that evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and his mam Frances, Donnie was named after his father’s so late brother—who had passed away as a baby.

Donnie Swaggart married his wife Debbie, and the pair had three youngsters together: Gabriel, Matthew, and Jennifer.

Gabriel, your eldest son, heads the youth set of the church together his wife, Jill.

The pair have actually three daughters: Samantha, Abby, and Caroline Frances, after ~ Gabriel’s mother.

Matthew, the middle son, stays in Oklahoma v his mam Joanna and also children Ryder, Navy, and Lola.

Matthew is different from his father’s ministry, choosing to pursue a career in photography and also graphic art.

Jennifer—Donnie and Debbie’s daughter—graduated through a master in Education and lives in Georgia with her husband Cliff and also their children Harper and also Harrison.

As a father to three and also a grand to eight, yes one various other member that the Swaggart family members that deserves a unique mention.

Boudreaux, Donnie’s faithful bulldog companion, was an important part the the Swaggart residence for end a decade until his passing in June 2015.

Donnie composed of his faithful friend’s passing: “Boudreaux to be my friend and companion for 10 years.

He carried sunshine and happiness come me and also all that knew him. He will certainly be substantially missed. Boo, ns love you.”

The Church

Donnie is often touted as having a dynamic, charismatic presence as a pastor and also evangelist.

He travel the people on a constant basis to serve his ministry, and also acts together co-pastor to his local Baton Rouge church.

The vivacious pastor’s goal is to carry the post of God come those who have been bored through cold and overly rigid spiritual practice.

Through his ministry, his travel, and his very own congregation, that is his mission come bring new vigor and energy come religion.

He is also popular for his speaking engagements at his father’s twice-annual Camp Meetings.

Oh, The areas You’ll Go

Although home for Donnie and his family members will always be Baton Rouge, Louisiana—where Donnie to be born and also raised—he has traveled to numerous countries, including:

South Africa;Australia;The UK;Nigeria;Norway;Sweden;Ukraine;Brazil;Colombia;Argentina.

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A family members of Controversy

As the boy of Jimmy Swaggart, Donnie is no stranger come drama.

His father was tied up in scandal twice for soliciting a prostitute.

The 2nd time, instead of transporting a tearful confession to his congregation and also family—which he had actually done the very first time that was recorded with photographic evidence of his extra-marital indiscretions—he take it a various path.

In front of his congregation at the household Worship Center, a belligerent Jimmy said: “The mr told me it’s flat none of your business.”

Donnie moved in, saving the awkward moment by explaining the his father was taking a step earlier from heading the household ministry to heal.

The scandal, denote in Ozzy Osbourne’s Miracle Man, and also Iron Maiden’s Holy Smoke, would cost the televangelist empire millions.

After dealing with his father’s scandals through such grace, it to be a surprise to view Donnie courting dispute of his own in 2014.

On the Texas talk show Frances and also Friends, Donnie asserted that the LGBTQ activity wants to ”destroy Christianity.”

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Donnie Swaggart – net Worth


Pastor Donnie Swaggart has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Want to check out Donnie Swaggart in action? examine out his blog for his interpretation of environmentalism, elections, and also capitalism.

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