There are lots of individuals who an initial started your career together a model and also turned the end to it is in an actor or actress. The list is long. Cindy Williams is just one of them. Williams is a model turned actress that is a co-producer for Father the the Bride and also Father that the Bride part III.

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Cindy has made outstanding contributions come the entertainment sector with she flawless exhilaration in TV collection like Laverne and Shirley. In this article, we space going come decipher a lady that is well known for her career and her marriage to go v it. So, revolve the pages with care for an excellent enlightenment.

Cindy Williams

But before directly entering into the key topic, let’s know some fast facts the help!

Cindy Williams: quick Facts

Full NameDate the BirthNicknameMarital StatusBirthplaceEthnicityHeightProfessionNationalityNet WorthOnline Presence
Cynthia James Williams
1947/08 /22
Van Nuys, Los Angeles
Actress, Model
$1 million
Twitter, Instagram


Cynthia James Williams was born on August 22, 1947, in valve Nuys, Los Angeles. Francesca Williams and also Bechard Williams space the name of her parents. Her father to be an electronic technician, and also her mom being a waitress. She had a pretty an excellent childhood. Williams holds the American nationality and also belongs come white ethnicity.

This actress had actually a sister called Carol Ann. Apart from this, she drops under the sun sign, Leo.

Age and also Body Measurement

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She has a beautiful pair of blue eyes, and also her hair shade is black.

Early life and also childhood

Cynthia to be born in valve Nuys, however her family members moved to Dallas, Texas, when she was simply ten years old. This actress spent many of she childhood in Texas with her family and also sibling.

For the educational background front, she graduated from Birmingham High institution in 1965. after ~ her successful graduation, she moved to Los Angeles city college for further studies and also did well there every the way.

Cindy Williams Career

If you every have concerned this line, then you surely recognize that Cindy is a design turned actress. She to be beautiful in her prime days, and also it was no much an overwhelming to land advertisement roles. Some of her recognizable advertisement plays were for Foster grant Sunglasses and also TWA.

Besides her proclaiming career, she walk on to land a significant role in television in 1969. her debut being with ABC comedy collection Room 222. After ~ a year, this talented actress walk on to do her big-screen debut with Roger Corman‘s Gass-s-s-s.

This star’s success didn’t get much the a lift until playing the duty of Shirley Feeney in this really successful collection Laverne and also Shirley. This series runtime was from 1976 to 1982.

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Undying success from this series made she movies, namely The first Nudie Musical, much more American Graffiti, The creature Wasn’t Lovely, etc.

In the time of 1986, she showed up in a series named Help want Kids alongside her much better half. The was currently when she did other projects like The Leftovers, conserve The Dog, etc.

Moving along her journey of being an developed star, she featured in Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy Meet Wally Sparks in 1997. Besides all these, her other appreciable works were in movies like The Magic school Bus, The Stepford Husband’s, Eight an easy Rules for dating My Teenage Daughter.

We have the right to proudly to speak she was a multi-talented lady together she did she Broadway debut as Mrs. Tottendale in Drowsy Chaperone together of 2007.

Personal life

Cindy Williams is right now single. This actress is not seen been attach by at this moment. But the case was not constantly the same. Earlier, Cindy was married to Bill Hudson. Most of our readers can know that Bill is a well known musician and actor that this generation.

Cindy and also Bill Hudson

Both the them mutual vows in 1982, and really close human being of the family attended this event. Sadly both the them had actually to part their ways. Before parting, both of them share two children. Emily Hudson to be born in 1982, and a son Zachary Hudson born in 1986.

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There is no concrete information about this American actress gift single. But we for sure will store you all updated if something comes out.

Cindy Williams network Worth

Cynthia own a net worth the $10 million as of now. Almost all of her net worth is from her acting career. Her median salary, however, is $1million.

It shouldn’t come together a surprise, but she has given a many of hard work and dedication to the music sector to get what she deserves today. Cindy has done all of her little bit to hide out information about her houses and also cars.

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Looking at she earning and also her modeling career, we have the right to proudly say that she is living a really lavish way of living as the 2019.