can exclusively reveal the Halsey has sold the end the iconic venue in much less than three weeks.

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Less than a year ago, Halsey was playing modestlysized clubs as soon as she come through new York City — top top Aug. 13, 2016, the brand-new Jersey indigenous will play Madison Square Garden. Today, can specifically reveal that Halsey has actually sold out the iconic to meet in much less than three weeks.


In regards to numbers, that’s big. As recently as April, she was playing a400 volume clubin NYC; now, she’s sold-out the 15,000 seat arena. The Halsey era has officially arrived.

“The reality that my fans made this occur is groundbreaking,” Halsey tells “This is seriously unbelievable. Choose literally unbelievable. Ns don’t think it — someone present me the proof.”

Halsey consists Justin Bieber, The Weeknd in impressive Mashup

Her debut album, Badlands, to reduce 11 weeks earlier and debuted in ~ No. 2 top top the 200. As soon as she hits MSG next year, she’ll it is in wrapping she headlining Badlands civilization tour. Before that, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter is hitting the roadway with one of her all-time favorite artists, The Weeknd, for his Madness loss Tour.

Today clues another very first for Halsey: Her an initial collaboration with another artist is out, and also it’s a big one. She shows up on Justin Bieber‘s just-dropped comeback album, Purpose, top top the Skrillex-produced collab “The Feeling.” Bieber and also Halsey will certainly take the phase for the an initial time together next week as soon as she joins the worldwide pop star because that his Wednesday illustration on the Today show (Nov. 18), so stay tuned because that that.

The night prior to her Today present appearance, Halsey will execute at the Museum of contemporary Art’s2015 movie Benefitpresented byCHANEL, which will certainly honor Academy Award-winning actressCate Blanchett. The advantage raises money because that the acquisition and also preservation of good film works, and also funding to support upcoming movie exhibitions at MoMA.

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Halsey was first heard ~ above SIRIUS XM access time 1 with “Ghost” off she self-released Room 93 EP. After conference Halsey at a show, DJ/APDMikey Pifflistened come “Ghost” and also immediatelyput it on heavy rotation beforeHalsey was also signed come a label.