The Disney movie Finding Nemo was a pan favorite family movie. Finding Nemo is full of prolific, flamboyant, and also entertaining characters and personalities. The different personalities have gibbs lending their voices come the personalities that come lively to the viewers on the screen.

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The gibbs who offered the main characters their voices:

For starters, Albert Brooks lent his voice come the personality of Marlin, who was a clownfish that was separated indigenous his son Nemo. Brooks additionally lent his voice to other roles and also movies, choose The Simpsons or Doctor Doolittle, according to IMDb.


Finding Nemo | Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images

Marlin’s son Nemo, who acquired lost from his father and went ~ above a cool adventure to it is in reunited, had actually his voice given to that by Alexander Gould. Gould has done countless other voiceover piece to his credit, such as Curious George, Bambi II, and The Life & times of Tim, and also an on-screen part in the movie Weeds

Dory to be voiced through the lovable Ellen DeGeneres, who brought her renowned vocals to the charming character that caught fan’s hearts. Dory is the often-forgetful, comical pacific regal blue tang that helps Nemo find his father throughout the movie.

Fans so adored dory that she even got her very own spinoff called Finding Dory, which the lover DeGeneres additionally voiced.

The actors that voiced the various other sea creatures in the movie:

William Dafoe played the voice the Gill, the wise fish, which is one of the oldest fish living in the tank, and Brad Garrett played the voice that Bloat, that was the puff fish the Nemo met top top his journey to be rejoined with his dad.

Allison Janney played the voice that the starfish Peach in the movie. Peach attach Nemo and also Dory on parts of your journey v the fish tank.

Other prolific voices in the movie incorporate Austin Pendleton play Gurgle, Stephen Root playing Bubble, Vicki Lewis play Deb, Joe Ranft voice Jacques, Geoffrey sirloin voicing Nigel, Andrew Stanton playing Crush, and Elizabeth Perkins lending her voice to play Coral.

Each character has their own prolific personality:

Finding Nemo is make even much more prolific due to the fact that each character has actually their own distinctive personality and also story come tell, together with Nemo’s adventure come reunite v his father. Gurgle is a gamma fish v a nervous personality.

Bubble is a yellow tang fish with a particular love of wait bubbles that leads come his distraction as he plays with them, and Deb is a confused damselfish that has a habit the mistaking she reflection in the glass because that a fish that doesn’t exist who she named Flo. 

Jacques is the shrimp that helps save the tank clean and takes treatment of hygiene problem to store everyone healthy. Nigel is the pelican who conserves both Marlin and Dory indigenous the tank and brings them come Marlin’s child Nemo, washed out right into the ocean.

In the movie, like is the supervisor sea turtle that Marlin and Dory ride when they need to go long ranges through the ocean. Coral is Nemo’s mother, that passes far at the beginning of the movie.

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Voice-overs make the movie richer for audiences:

The voice-overs in Finding Nemo help keep the movie alive and also rich because that viewers. Viewers love the different voices and also the characters of the personalities that come to life throughout the movie, together Marlin stops at no end to discover his son and be rejoined with him.

All the obstacles ~ above the way don’t deter Marlin, and also he finds a cast of willing and helpful characters who room willing to aid him find his child in this exciting, feel-good movie that fans will certainly cherish for years come come.