Charmed: 5 reasons Why Paige Is The remarkable Sister (& 5 Why It's Prue) ~ above Charmed, Prue is the most powerful sister. However after her departure from the show, Whitelighter Paige became a fan favorite. Who"s the better witch?

The trio the witch sister in the WB"s Charmed originally featured Prue, Piper, and also Phoebe Halliwell. Prue"s sudden exit from the present in the season 3 finale caused the advent of the Charmed Ones" secret half-sister, Paige. Paige replaced Prue for the expression of the series, establishing herself together a qualified witch and also fan-favorite character.

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Paige was a good addition to the cast but she struggled v the duty of living approximately Prue"s reputation. The eldest Halliwell sister was the initial Charmed One and also could be regarded as the superior Charmed sister. I beg your pardon witch is best?

Paige"s youth and also early separation indigenous the Halliwell sisters made her much more naive, yet her battles were much more relatable 보다 Prue"s. Prue appeared naturally gifted with powerful leadership qualities, whereby Paige emerged her abilities throughout the series.

Paige"s youthful naivete set her except the eldest Halliwell sister. Her character was more flawed, however this only offered her a Buffy Summers-like relatability.

9 Prue: an ext Powerful

Charmed - Shannen Doherty together Prue
Paige"s wonder abilities were a intuitive delight as result of her Whitelighter heritage. However, Prue was an ext powerful than her younger half-sister as the head the the Halliwell family.

Prue to be a professional telekinetic who, uneven Paige, could also astral project. She to be arguably the most powerful Charmed One prior to Piper and also Phoebe gained an ext abilities.

Paige"s introduction provided a great opportunity for the show to extend its lore. The Halliwells" half-sister, who was born half-witch and also half-Whitelighter, explored both political parties of she heritage and saved the day several times with her capacity to orb.

Paige"s Whitelighter DNA permitted the show to separate her comparable power-set from Prue"s. It also permitted Leo"s personality to grow and also expand, seek a life and family with Piper, as Paige helped him through Whitelighter duties.

7 Prue: The initial Halliwell Sister

Prue to be the original Halliwell sister conversely, Paige"s character was created as a instead of after actress Shannen Doherty departed the show. Countless fans of Charmed organize Prue in greater regard because of her standing as an original cast member.

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Paige had large boots to fill as soon as she changed Prue as the third sister. Back she is lovely by part fans, others feel the her character never quite controlled to live as much as Prue"s reputation. Paige herself is plagued by the same pertains to throughout the series.

among Paige Matthews" defining qualities is her compassion. She pursues a job in social services before deciding come dedicate she life come witchcraft. Paige proceeds to aid people together a Whitelighter under Leo"s mentorship.

Paige is a caring character that spends she time helping various other people. Prue was also an empathetic character, though she arguably viewed her witch responsibilities as more of a burden.

5 Prue: A natural Leader

as the eldest Halliwell sister, Prue naturally gravitated toward leadership roles and also showed great skill as the head the the household. Piper and also Phoebe looked to Prue because that guidance as they sustained each other through the exploration of their magical powers.

Prue had actually a much more commanding visibility that to be strengthened by her outstanding telekinetic abilities. Paige lacked these an abilities and, together the youngest sister, often followed the instance of other people.

Paige"s advent elevated Phoebe to the status of the center sister. This permitted the character to discover a new, refreshing dynamic. Phoebe confirmed a brand-new responsibility together a large sister come Paige, and also their relationship was a highlight of the show"s later seasons. Both characters helped each other grow as far better people and an ext capable witches.

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3 Prue: Her partnership With Piper

Phoebe and also Paige shared a an excellent relationship, but Piper was closer to Prue 보다 her younger half-sister. Prue"s death was a hefty blow because that Piper as she to be thrust right into the place of the eldest sister. Piper love Paige, yet it frequently seemed together though she held back emotionally in are afraid of acquiring hurt again.

Piper"s connection with Prue differed substantially from she connection to Paige. Piper was more passive when Prue was alive and looked come her huge sister because that protection. ~ Prue"s death, Piper inherits the same duty for Phoebe and also Paige.

Paige was presented in Season 4 that Charmed as the youngest Charmed sister. This hastily pushed Piper and Phoebe into an ext responsible functions as larger siblings. Piper and Phoebe grew an ext confident and also assertive while paired with Paige.

The trio that Paige, Piper, and Phoebe was magically and also emotionally stronger than their previous incarnation through Prue. Piper and also Phoebe gained more powers that aided them defeat many demons and also entities that evil.

1 Prue: Her sense Of Responsibility

Prue boring the burden of being the eldest Halliwell sister by taking treatment of her younger siblings complying with the fatality of their mother, Patty. Throughout the very first three seasons of Charmed, Prue grapples with her responsibility and also provides a shaft of stamin for the Charmed sisters.

Prue to be the guiding support in Piper and also Phoebe"s lives. She was the initial Charmed sister and, though Paige was a worthy successor, she had actually a weighty tradition to live up to.

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